Thursday, November 29, 2012

6 years

So this is a little late because I couldn't figure out how to add a new blog since the tool bar at the top that says new post doesn't want to show up, but after some trying and figuring I FINALLY got to where I could put up a new post!  SO Sunday was Ava's 6th birthday!  She was SO excited and could not wait until it was 2-5 HER birthday!  We went the day before for a BIG birthday lunch with all my family.  We have 4 birthdays within a month starting 11/11 ending 12/10.  We went to Taggarts after Seth and my dad got back from hunting.  We enjoyed GREAT food and SUPER good desserts.  Ava got to open her presents from Cameron and Kayla and my mom and dad, and one from us.  My sister and her family stopped by on her birthday and had cake with us. 
    She was SO excited with her presents, she got a new 18" doll that has curly hair like her, a new mermaid cabbage patch doll, 2 new my little ponies, an art case, a diary, 2 new books, a new outfit, 2 new birthday dresses, and a guitar.  It was horribly out of tune when we opened it, but thanks to dad and uncle kevin it is now in tune.  Ava has been playing it every minute she can.  She loves to play it and make up new songs, we could have the next taylor swift if she keeps it up.
   Here are 6 things about Ava on her 6th birthday
    1.  She has lost 2 teeth and has 3 more that are wiggly
      2.  She loves to sing and make up new songs
        3. She such a sweet hearted girl and wants everyone to be everyone's friend
          4. She is an AWESOME big sister and loves to help them
            5. She LOVES swimming
               6. She LOVES school.

We love our Ava Boo and couldn't imagine our lifes without her

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