Monday, February 6, 2012

Year Stats!

So we took Kinley in for her 1 year check. She is 16 lbs and 28 inches long while she is not on the charts or very low for her height she is growing to her own curve, and everything developmentally is right on or ahead. With Kinley I would expect nothing else! She has always done things her way and I think she will continue to do things her way. She did fine getting the shots, she cried for a minute and then because she is allergic to the glue on bandaids they had to hold cottonballs on the injection sites til she was done. Because she hadn't gotten these shots before we had to wait and it was a good thing we did because she reacted to 2 of them. One was just really red and swollen and the other started with hives so they gave her benadyrl and they are looking better. We also saw the ENT for the follow up and everything is looking good. I found out her poor little nose tissues were so swollen she couldn't actually breath through it. It is still swollen but she can now breath through it. She will most likely have to get her tonsils out in 6 or so months, so her body can recoup and she can gain some more weight. We love our tiny Kinley Bug!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

1 Year! What a Crazy year!

Today is Kinley's 1st birthday! I cannot believe it has already been a year since she was born. We have had an adventure since we were pregnant with her. there was morning sickness for a long time and then the problems with my back and hips and then we found out i tested positive for group b strep and since I am allergic to the -cillian family the medicine I would need to ensure that our sweet baby would get it I would have to be on the medicine 2 doses 6 hrs apart. Now I was maybe in labor with Ava for 5-6 hours and 5ish or less with Madison we knew that we needed to have an induction to ensure I could get the medication. I was already dilating so we decided sooner rather then later and so we went for the 4th since it was a friday. I got into the Hospital that morning and was like a 4 so they started the pitocin and gave me the medicine at about 7:30. They didn't want me to dilate too fast since I had to wait atleast 6 hrs for the next dose. Then my dr came in around 8:30 and talked about breaking my water but decided that we should wait til lunch and closer to the next dose since I tend to go 3-4 centimeters after you break my water. SO a while later like 11:30 ish we were talking to the nurse about who we wanted to be in the room and I said just Seth and I and the Dr and nurses of course. well about 1ish my dr comes and breaks my water and says they can turn up the pitocin up since within the next hour I would get the last dose. well after he broke my water my back labor and my hip pain really kicked in and so I asked for an epidural since my body was not working with me and I could not stand the pain anymore. They gave me my epidural and it only took on 1 side the one I didn't need. well then they gave me the last dose about 2 and and then all the sudden my hip really felt like it was ready to explode so the nurse came in and I was a ten and her head was there, now she had been high the whole time and we wondered if she was going to drop. So they called the dr and I had to sit up with my legs crossed trying really hard not to push, that was at 2:20ish and they wanted to wait a little longer to ensure all the medicine went into the iv so she would be the safest. So my Dr finally came in and said when you have a contraction push, well the contraction started then and I pushed she was out completely in one contraction. So from water breaking at 6 cm to born in just about an hour and dropped to born in 10 minutes. She was So bruised and swollen. I felt so bad. She was a busy little girl and wanted to nurse as soon as they gave her to me.
If we had known this was just the beginning crazy life with Kinley. She was a fun happy cute baby until about 1 month then she was really spitting up and cranky. It only got worse over then next 2 weeks when we went in and had to go to primary childrens to see why she was throwing up and spitting up so much. we worried it was pyloric stenosis, so we did the barium test and saw she had some pyloric stenosis but not what would need surgery, we watched her reflux so we knew she had that and then we found that she processed her food slower then normal all leading to she issues, so we started her on medicine for the reflux, she started to be better. we went in for her 2 month check and had an ear infection, no signs of one, so on antibiotics she went. then her 4 month check she had fluid and I think one ear was infected, she would randomly get rashes that would pop up and go away, we still don't know what caused that. Then 6 month check double ear infection. this was a mean ear infection, 3 medications and a trip to the ent. We found out there was still fluid in her ears. so surgery for tubes was set for that Friday, After a month of antibiotics there was still fluid and she got a horrible yeast infection, that required a oral medication. So when the tube went in at just about 7 months and said she would have gotten another one soon had we not put the tubes in, and noticed she would probably have to have her tonsils and adenoids out down the road where they sat and how small she is. well she started crawling with in a week and mama and dada and aba and 1 or 2 other words. She was pulling herself up on things and we thought we were finally going to have our happy baby back. it lasted for a little while but come November things were changing. She was getting really cranky and her nose was always running or stuffy and the snoring was getting bad. At the beginning of December we moved into our new house and she did okay for the first week but then she was screaming day and night. then we went to my grandpa's funeral and my mom saw how bad it was and said I needed to get her in well I was already taking her in so we went in and the dr was worried about how she doesn't sleep and the screaming and the nose has caused a rash on her face and they thought maybe she had strep only the 4th time they thought that in the last 10 months of her life, and said she needed to go the ENT and see about her adenoids and tonsils. So the next week we went into the ENT and he thought he needed to get the adenoids out and probably thin the nasal passages, but her tonsils will have to wait since she is SO small. She is less then 16 lbs. She has apnea pauses caused by her tonsils, and then other issues, SO the next day Kinley had her second surgery in her 11 months. She had her adenoids out which were horribly infected and they thinned her nasal tissue. We have had a very grumpy girl who has just started to get back to being happy. We had to take Madison in on Monday for a cough that was not getting any better and the Dr noticed a lazy eye on her. So into the eye dr. She has a very very minor eye turn out and could just be weak muscles so we have to do a eye patch therapy daily to ensure she is using both eyes to avoid any permanent problems. She has just started to cut her first tooth. we go for her check up for surgery and 1 year check Monday. will update on her stats then!