Thursday, March 25, 2010


One year ago yesterday we welcomed little Madison Jade Graham. I was going to do this yesterday but with all the craziness of yesterday it didn't happen til today. OUr morning started by taking Madison to the doctor. SHe is a massive 16 pounds 5 ounces. She lost about 10 ounces since getting sick. Incase you didn't hear Ava had tested positive for RSV and Madison had all the same signs although she didn't test positive, on top of the RVS Ava had an Ear infection and bronchitis....Madison also had bronchitis, but no ear infection, but getting atleast 4 teeth.
So much has happened since little Madison has come into our lives. I got my tonsils out and then 2 months later she had to get tubes. It has been a whirlwind year.
I can't believe how big she is getting. Here are a few random facts about Madison, 1. She rolled over at 1 month, and then both ways within a month of that, 2 she started to do herown crawl, head on the floor and crawling with her legs at 3 to 3 1/2 months, she actually crawled at 5 months. At 6 months she pulled her self up and started walking along with things. September marked Madisons 1st earinfection followed by 2 more in the next 3 months, leading us to get tubes. By the end of November Madison was trying to walk. By Christmas she had taken a multitude of steps but not very well. January 22 tubes, and that very day she was walking like a champ. last week Madison decieded she was interested in the potty and has sat ib it a few times, and everytime she walks over to the potty and tapps it, followed by momma or dada, or screeching. She is all smiles up there.
Madison loves to say ME-ME. If she wants it she starts with the me me's so ine of her many nicknames is now ME-Me....SOme others include, madder Jadder, Jadders, Baby Girl, Angel baby, Babyor Baby Diaper Via Ava, and Madie or Madie J (her aunt Gina) although Seth is starting with the Madie too. Madison also says Momma Dada, pish pish, and some other things i can remeber right now.
Madison LOVES to be with her sister and play with her too. She is a BIG snuggler, loves blankets, babies and anything soft. She likes animals but maybe not as much as her sister, although she is started to reallylike them. She LOVES to draw and scribble. Her daddy now has 2 little helpers whenever he wants to draw. She loves buttons and pushes all that shecan. She is REALLY perticular about how can her. She will even cry if Gina tries to hold her, although sometimes she cuddles right up to her. She loves to be with mom and usually only waqnts mom and gets mad if even dad takes her. She loves to wave bye-bye, give high fives, blow kisses and give kisses.
There is so much more i could say about our sweet little girl but right now these two little girls are needin some attention....Pictures to come later, birthday party Saturday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Funny Funny Girl

Today we were sitting in church and Ava wanted us to draw her thumbkin's, so i drew them on and then she wanted me to have some too, so we drew mine on, then her daddy wanted to show her how good he could draw a flower. He drew 2 flowers one on each palm. She thought that was even cooler then thumbkins. She drew on on me and then went to draw on on Daddy's hand, she got a circle and then says "daddy your hands are too big" and pushed them away. I tried so hard not to laugh but it was SO funny, she then went back to drawing on mine. she kept tell her daddy his hands where to big every time he asked for some. Oh that girl

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deters Reunion

I just want to make sure i cover all my bases, so we have the cabins SEPTEMBER 17-19. We have to have all the money in by the end of the month. We just wanted to be sure that this is what we wanted to do, or try and do something else, or for go it all together this year, either text me or e-mail me @, or facebook me. thanks

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Fun Girlies

Our little Madison has been doing some fun things, she is ALL girl.... She has finally gotten some new teeth, She has 4 now. The top 2 are just coming in and the bottom 2 are all the way in. One of her favorite things is to hang out with her sister. They play games together and run up and down the hall.
She Loves to comb her hair, she gets a giant smile and coos when you comb her hair. She also gets mad and stops her foot and squeals.
Ava has been in dance and gymnastic classes. She has enjoyed the classes. She has a hard time at the beginning where she sits/ stands and watches then she gets really into it. She is loving the uneven bars and anything that involves bouncing. She loves the ballet part of dance class, think mostly because it is second, and she is more comfortable. She looks so much more grown up with her hair pulled up, and she has little rock muscles.
I can't believe how fast the time has gone, they are both growing up SO fast! I will get some new pics up as soon as I can, but for now is a little taste of what we have been up too.