Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where to start

This month has been a busy one, it actually started in October when we found a cute 3 bed 1 3/4 bath house we really liked, and decided it was the right house for us and so under contract we went. We were supposed to close the 25th of November which happens to be Ava's birthday and the day after Thanksgiving this year, with all that we wanted to move up out closing to the 23rd, then there was a problem that came up when the appraiser came so instead of moving up the closing it got moved back. On the 2nd of December we closed on our house. We spent the next 3 days painting and cleaning the house. For my birthday we painted and cleaned, not to exciting, The next weekend we moved our furniture and most of our stuff over and had our first night in the house. The girls love it and love their new room which is at least twice as big as their old room. We have a guest room even. the girls have really done well in the new house. Madison had decided that she wanted to start using the big girl potty before moved and I feared she would regress after we moved, she had a couple more accidents for a couple days but has been using the potty like a champ, and she hasn't had any accidents at night! We are SO proud of her since she is the one that really trained herself.
The end of November we had Ava and Kinley's well checks, Ava was 43 pounds and 43 inches tall. She right where she should be and even ahead some. Kinley was 14 pounds 11 oz, she isn't on the charts for weight and was 28 or so inches long, she is incredibly busy and has learned how to stand her self up all by herself. She has tried taking a step or two but hasn't quite gotten it down yet. She is doing great developmentally and we are amazed at her and her spirit.
We also took some time to go down to see my Grandpa Deters. He has Alzheimer"s and has gone into transition. He has not eaten or drank for 6 or so days. Today we found out that his time is limited and I am very greatful that we went Monday to see him. The girls were scared at first, he was laying there unreponsive to us. He does not hear well and then he did wake up some and the girls sang him some Christmas songs and he tried to reach out some to kinley and then the girls gave him a hug and kiss and told him good bye. I also gave him a hug before we left. I pray that his passing is and painless.
I am SO greatful for my understanding in the plan of salvation, and the knowledge that we will be perfected. I am so greatful to know that when he does pass that he will once again know who we are.