Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Madison!

What a fun time we are having with our Tiny Madison. She has SO much personality in her tine body. She loves to run and climb and is SO fun, but can be a real headache sometimes too. She is very adventurous and loves to do it herself. I can see many trips to the dr or er in her future if she keeps it up. She loves the phrase, "I Funny". In the last few weeks she hasn't been at her peak. On April 19th she had an ear infection and bronchitis and we got her over that and then 2 weeks later she poked herself in the eye and we thought she had hurt her eye, so we ended up taking her into the eye dr after hours, turns out it wasn't an injury but an eye infection! We got her on antibiotics and took her to her pediatrician the next morning. Well she had an ear infection again in the same ear! Well at 9 months she had tubes put in her ears after 7 ear infections, they stayed in for about 18 months and lost one, the one she has had 2 infections in since loosing it. We had to take her into the ENT and we found out she still had the fluid behind her eardrum. luckily it wasn't infected again but she has to get tubes back in. I also mentioned that in the last 2 weeks she has had 2 cases of tonsilitis. After looking he said her tonsils are big but not huge, but since she is 2 years and almost 2 months old and is about 23 pounds with her loud snoring and restlessness that she is going to at some point have to get them out as well. After getting mine out a year and a half ago and now having a tube in my ear from the same things she is going through, her and my tonsils aren't more on the back of our throats but more on the side that it could cause damage to her ears like mine does, so we decieded if she has to get it done anyway at some point we would do it all in one surgery, so Friday Madison is having her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in again. We hope this will help her. I hope she recovers quick too.
Madison Also LOVES school...she has been a few times with Ava and is sad anytime that she can not stay with her. Today was a sad day since she couldn't stay with sissy, so I told her we would do school at home. As I was buckling her in her car seat I asked her if she knew how to spell her name and she said uh-huh. I asked her how and her reply t-fork....just another one of her little cute things....Sunday she wanted to go potty and Seth sent her out since i was out with Kinley who was being cranky, i say Madison and she told me mommy don't follow me I do it myself....pretty sassy for a 2 year old, she finally let me go in when i told her i had to go. she loves to talk on the phone when it is her idea, and a real big cuddler as long as it is her idea. She is finally coming out of her shell and letting people know the real her! We love our crazy Madison