Tuesday, November 1, 2011


No I am not pregnant but our family is going to have a big change, in the next few weeks we will be closing on our first home! It is a cute 3 bedroom 1 3/4 bath closer to my parents. It has had a lot of work done on the inside and we are VERY excited! It all came about very quickly, like 2 weeks ago we found out about the house then we put in an offer and went under contract on Friday! We are supposed to close on November 25th, Ava's 5th birthday. We are very excited to have a fenced yard that the girls can ride their bikes and toys in and to be able to go outside and burn some of their energy.
It has a garden area and a nice kitchen, and a detached 2 car garage, and one of our new neighbors' property l's behind ours and he brings in horses at times so our girls will love that! We feel truly blessed and that this the place that the Lord wants us to be, Keep you updated when we get moved in and all that funness, in the meantime I will be busy trying to pack and keep the girls entertained while Seth works out of town for most of the week