Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catch up

SO I am way behind, but here are a few things that have been happening around here
        In June Kinley had her tonsils and adenoids and tubes done.  She has really grown SO much since then.  We had her hearing and verbal skills retested since she was behind when we went to her 18 month check and her follow up the doctor expressed some concern also.  She was borderline so they came to our house and did some more extensive tests.  We were pretty surprised when we got her results back.  She was actually right where she should be with her communication it just seemed so behind because she was testing at atleast a 26-39 month level for everything else.  As of late her speech has really picked up and is talking a lot more and has a very large vocabulary for a almost 22 month old.  We were told she was smart since she was small but her ears and tonsils were interfering with her communication.  We are so thankful for medical technology that is allowing our sweet girls to be healthy.
    Madison has been her busy crazy self.  She has SO much energy and we needed another outlet besides mom and sisters, so we put her in a dance and gymnastics class.  She can be super shy and I was worried that she would just stand and watch or cry, but the first class she jumped right in and did everything they asked.  She was really doing great.  She was doing so great and I loved watching her do gymnastics.  She was doing almost everything they asked her too.  She was learning cartwheels and doing great on beam and bars.  This last month she really wanted to take a break and do swimming lessons.  I wasn't going to let her since she would have had to do parent child which she had already passed 3 times, but we got a call saying they would let her to the preschool level so we agreed to let her, but she had to choose dance/gymnastics or gymnastics or swimming, she picked swimming.  A couple weeks ago we were at a church activity and the gymnastics couch asked why madison wasn't doing gymnastics, told her she wanted to do swimming and take a little break and she said she hoped madison would be back in January since she shows real promise, and has a lot of natural talent.  She is loving preschool and is just our wild crazy funny girly girl tom boy.  She loves to wear dresses and skirts and go play in the dirt while wearing them.  She LOVES all things pink, and Merida(Brave).
  Ava is LOVING kindergarten and doing pretty good.  She wants to be friends with everyone and gets sad if they don't want to be friends with her.  Right after school started she let grandpa pull out her first wiggly tooth.  She has had a wiggly tooth since February, but didn't really wiggle it.  Then in july or august her cousin got his first wiggly tooth and Ava wanted to loose hers first.  She was better about wiggling it then.  Then the day came, and her cousin had grandpa pull his out first, and then a couple minutes later Ava let grandpa pull hers out.  She cried about it for a while until it came out and then everything was perfect and was SO excited that she lost it.  She got $1 from grandpa, a $1 from the tooth fairy and a stuffed cat since it was her very first tooth.  Her other teeth were wiggly but not wiggly enough.  Grandpa had to go back to north dakota and her top front tooth was getting very wiggly.  She could wiggle it with her tongue, but she only wanted grandpa to pull it.  the first weekend of november we went to jackson (more on that later) and grandpa pulled that wiggly tooth right out.  Now she has 2 holes right above the other, although it was last long since her bottom adult tooth is coming in.  She loves swimming lessons and doing well.  She also did gymnastics, oh and she LOVES being  .
    Seth and I have been really busy too.  Seth got a promotion at work and a new calling too.  He is the new 2nd Counselor in the young men and the new scout master.  They haven't offically called him to scout master since they have to get the back ground check first.  Seth and my dad drew out for jackson/ grand teton national park for hunting.  We went the 1st weekend of November the last day they saw some that they could shoot at but missed them all.  turns our seth's gun was way off and there was a momma and 3 cub grizzlies where they were and decied after  shots they better go.  So after thanksgiving they went back up and didn't see anything they could shoot.  It ends saturday and you have to have 2 so they didn't get anything this year, it has been too warm and mild for the elk to move, there had been some movement but they in was too calm and the elk just stayed put.  The yellowstone heard hasn't even moved yet. I have been crafting my buns off.  I have done several things to sell online in my etsy shop.  I haven't had anyone buy anything yet but one day.  I am also making my nieces baptism dress.  It is what she will wear to be confirmed in since it is crochet and has pearls and would be very very heavy all wet.  We have had lots of adventures since june.  We got 2 kittens, they were abandoned by their mom or moms, and were hand raised, there were 10 kittens.  and we took 2.  We had a black one and a tiger tabby one.  the tiger one was the runt and TINY.  she was just so small and didn't have enough left in her and she passed away.  We still have our black cat and he is CRAZY.  his name is Twilight, after the pony not the vampire series.  she stalks and plays all the time.  Loki thinks he's crazy and usually ends up getting the brunt to twilights focus.  In july we added 3 chickens to our 4.  We know have 4, 3 of ours and 1 that is/was my sisters.  one was attacked and killed by two dogs.  They got one but the other is still running around and we have seen him trying to get into our yard and to our chickens atleast 2 more times.  Then one of my sisters chickens was killed by another dog.  We don't really know what happened but we are pretty sure they same dog got a hold of one of our little chickens since she went missing the same time and we have not seen a feather of ehr since.  We got my sisters back and burried her.  So we now are back to 4.  We love getting the fresh eggs from them too. 
      Otherwise we are just trying to keep up with the kids and get things done.

6 years

So this is a little late because I couldn't figure out how to add a new blog since the tool bar at the top that says new post doesn't want to show up, but after some trying and figuring I FINALLY got to where I could put up a new post!  SO Sunday was Ava's 6th birthday!  She was SO excited and could not wait until it was 2-5 HER birthday!  We went the day before for a BIG birthday lunch with all my family.  We have 4 birthdays within a month starting 11/11 ending 12/10.  We went to Taggarts after Seth and my dad got back from hunting.  We enjoyed GREAT food and SUPER good desserts.  Ava got to open her presents from Cameron and Kayla and my mom and dad, and one from us.  My sister and her family stopped by on her birthday and had cake with us. 
    She was SO excited with her presents, she got a new 18" doll that has curly hair like her, a new mermaid cabbage patch doll, 2 new my little ponies, an art case, a diary, 2 new books, a new outfit, 2 new birthday dresses, and a guitar.  It was horribly out of tune when we opened it, but thanks to dad and uncle kevin it is now in tune.  Ava has been playing it every minute she can.  She loves to play it and make up new songs, we could have the next taylor swift if she keeps it up.
   Here are 6 things about Ava on her 6th birthday
    1.  She has lost 2 teeth and has 3 more that are wiggly
      2.  She loves to sing and make up new songs
        3. She such a sweet hearted girl and wants everyone to be everyone's friend
          4. She is an AWESOME big sister and loves to help them
            5. She LOVES swimming
               6. She LOVES school.

We love our Ava Boo and couldn't imagine our lifes without her