Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Changes

So I had my tonsils out last friday. Everything went great and i wasn't as sore as I thought I would be. After trying to get my hair to do something where it would be out of the way for the surgury I got sick of it, so I chopped it off. I mean really chopped it off, it was to my shoulders and now it really doesn't go past my ears. We also had Ava's hair cut and it shows her curls so much better. we are still waiting for my throat to heal and feel better.

On a sad note we found out my cousin Kristen Khuene Renyolds passed away this moring from cardiace arrest. She was 40 and has been married for 1 year and leaves behind a 5 month old baby girl. She was a fun loving, caring and outgoing person, who loved to travel. Our hearts my be broken but we know that through our loving heavely fathe rwe can see her agian and she is with our family who have already passed on. I love the plan of salvation and knowing there is a plan to be families forever.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Pictures!!!!!

Today my mom took me and the girls down to get pictures of the girls since it has been a long time since we got Ava's and never had Madison's done. Ava is almost 3 and Madison is 6 months. Ava was so great she would pose and smile so good, the first picture with each pose was perfect, although Madison was being a pill and would not smile for almost anything. We still got some pretty cute ones too. Hear ya GO!!!

The girls in their Wedding Princess Dresses (thanks Mom)

Madison 6 Months

Ava Almost 3

Madison's Head Shot

Ava's Head Shot

2 Cute Girls, could have been cuter if Madison would have smiled

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week of All Craziness

So this week has been all craziness! Last Friday I went with my mom, sister, her kids and my kids to the circus. We went to Barnum and Bailey's and Wringling Brothers down in Salt Lake, I had a headache but it was a blast, it was really action packed and the kids loved it. We staye the night in a motel one of the kids' favorite things to do. We spent the day saturday shopping and then went to see my grandpa before we came home. It is heartbreaking to go and visit since he has Alzhiemer's and has gotten worse, he doesn't really recognize any of us as spends a lot of time saying he doesn't remeber and doesn't know what you are talking about.
Sunday we went to my parents for dinner and on our way home my throat started to hurt. THe next morning it was still hurting and my ears started to hurt too, I went and got a strep test since i knew I had been exposed. I was pretty positive it would be negitive and sure enough it was. When I had taken Madison in for her ear infecxtion the dr told me if it happened to me agian where my tonsil's swell and ears hurt I should go in and see an ENT, so I was told that i should probally go sooner rather than later, so I called and got an appointment for thursday morning.
Tuesday I took Madison for her 6 month check, she weighs 12 pounds and not on the charts for her weight, but is so active it is hard for her to keep any weight despite her eating 2 jars of babyfood, nursing around 8 times a day and getting the occasianal bottle along with all that. She is 26 inches long putting her around 75th percentile. Her head was around 50 percent as well although i can not remember what it was. She also got her usual vaccines plus her flu shot. She had to wait to make sure she didn't react to the flu shot, and while we were waiting her other leg looked pretty sore and yucky it wasred swollen and looked like she was having an allergy, but she had had all those before and we thought maybe it was the bandaide, and when we took off the bandadides sure enough she is like mom allergic to amoxicillin and bandaides. They gave ava a flu shot too, she was okay and then they poked her and she kept telling them ouch you are hurting me, stop that hurts.
Wednsday Seth and I got our flu shots, seth was fine but my needle bent so i have a pretty sore arm.
Today i went to the ENT. He checked me over and saw my tonsils are somewhat swollen, and that are scarred showing they have had lots of infections over a long period of time. They also sit on the side of my throat and not at the back, most likely causing most all my earaches as well. He told me I needed to get my Tonsil's out or it would continue to get worse. SO at the age of 24 and 10/12th i am getting my tonsil's out. A week from tomorrow I will be having them out. I am not looking forward to the recovery or surgury but to not have tonsilities 6-12 times a year and a decrease in earaches will make it all worth while. If only it could make these week plus long migraines go away too! (I have had one since before we went to the Circus with out a lot of real relief).
This means that the kids will have to wait to do swimming lessons since seth and i both have to do them with them. We are hoping I will be healed up before Halloween . My mom and are are going to try and get the girl's picktures done this weekend, and seth and my dad are going to try to go hunting, we will keep you posted on how the surgury goes.