Friday, July 24, 2009

Where has the Time Gone?

I can't believe how fast the time has gone!!!! Today Madison turned 4 months old! She went to the doctor today and weighs a mighty 11 pounds 1.5 ounces, and was 24 inches long. She is quite the "petite" baby as they put it. She is small like gina's kids but looks really porpotional, just small. She has gotten longer and gained weight but since she is so active she burns lots of energy so she gets to start solid foods. She likes rice cereal okay but thinks carrots are weird and keeps making a funny face but since this is the first time she really doesn't know what to do with them. The dr says she is super strong and also ahead of the curve developmentally. She can roll both ways and does her own kind of crawling, she gets her little bum in the air and pushes with her feet or pulls with her arms, if she would just pick up her head with her bum in the air she would be crawlimg, i can't bewlieve it! she also is teething, although if it weren't for the drooling i really wouldn't know, her gums are swollen too. she likes to suck on her hands and feet but she has dsone that since she was born so i really didn't notice that she isn't cranky or anything.
Madison has also been giggling, althought the only person she will laugh for is her sister! SHe has the cutest giggle, today they were having so much fun giggling together. I tried to get it on tape but it didn't happen.
This next weekend is another family reunion so i will update you on the reunions then.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She did WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

The last few weeks have been crazy with all that has gone on. I went up on the 2nd of July to pick up my grandma so she could visit for the 4th. I got the girls up early and headed over to my mom's to drop off our dog since they were doing work on our parking lot we had to stay off it. Since Seth was at work we didn't want to leave him home alone all day since we weren't sure when we could park again. Madison was fine I got her in her stroller and she was asleep again, Ava on the other hand was a little bear and mad she had to get up and dressed before she wanted too. Luckily about 20 minutes into our 2- 2 1/2 hour drive she fell asleep. We went in long enough to pick up Grandma and set off down the road again, this time we hit more traffic slowed way down in construction but made it Evanston to Evanston 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. I was suprised since i wasn't speeding or anything. We met up with my brother for a minute and Seth at my parents. We were also waitng fro Robert Seth's brother to come and visit for the 4th. He left later then he thougth origanily and got here just in time for dinner. After we had been at my parents for a couple hours visiting and playing agme my sister and her kids came over. Thier roof had been leaking and Kevin decieded the weekend of the fourth would be a great weekend to do it since he would have help and had the time off. Well of course it had to pour with part of the roof off and und tarps, so to escape the rain they came over it was fun to watch Ava Kade and Courtney run around and play and tell Grandma Deters since usually thtey won't go near her unless someone else is holding them.
The next day we hung out with my grandma a little longer before they headed to the oquirrh mountian iooenhouse with my mom and sister and her kids. We wemt to look for Ava a bike at the yard sales... she has wanted one for a while and we told her if she uses the potty she can have one....after that the boys went to help Kevin and Cameron with the Roof, and I brought thew girls home to sleep and play so they wouldn't be in the way. That night i took the girls to the roseo with my aunt Mindy and her family while the boys played video games and watched movies on Kevin and Gina's Wicked awsome t.v. Ava loves horses and cows and LOVES the rodeo.
The next day we hit a couple more yard sales and then bought fireworks. I sure love living in a state where you can buy the same stuff the city shoots off. The 3rd and 4th are crazy with the fireworks. After we picke dup ther fireworks we all headed to gina and kevin's to finish helping withthe roof. I helped keep the kids entertained, we had lunch and then after they finished the roof we heaeded home to get cleaned up and head to aunt MIndy's for the fourth of July party. I guess ava was pretty naughty and broke some stuff at midy's (SORRY MINDY!) so ava now has to be with mom dad or another adult at all times until we know we can trustr her agian, i am sire she didn't mean to do it she just isn't used to having things that are breakable in her reach and is way to curious on how things work and loves to open and close doors.
On sunday robert headeded back to rexburg but didn't make it far. About 45 minutes away actually, his car died outside Morgan utah, so seth and Cameron went to help him and see if they could get the car going, good thing we went to my parents ward that day. They couldn't get the car going and had to call a tow truck and take it to a repair shop. So i got in the concord, took ava to my mom's and me and Madison headed down the road. They took Roberts car and we sent robert in our car and we headed back in cameron's car. My parents let us barrow one of their cars so we still had 2. It was a crazy day but we had yummy steaks and corn for dinner(gina and kevin had a thank you Bar b que for the help on the roof).
Now Madison is 3 1/2 months old and getting pretty big for her bassenett and we were going to set up the crib and put her in Ava's room, well while we were at my mom's on friday we saw a thing on the news about a recall on cribs. I didn't see much just the brand and knew that was the brand we had. So sunday i looked and sure enough our crib was on the recall list so i had to call walmart and find out about what to do since we got it there. Monday I loaded the girls in the car and ran to walmart to see what cribs they had in, they only had 2 and both had drop sides and since that has seemed to cause a ton of recalls in the last few months we didn't want to get one of those, after checking we went to my mom's and picked up my grandma to take her home. I got the kids in the car and off we went, luckily we didn't have much traffis and got there about lunch time so we went to lunch and then went to my grandma's house. I got the girls changed and back home we went. After i got home we had to get all the peices of the crib taken back apart and ready to take back, i had to call the wal-mart 800 number to get the upc since it wasn't being sold anymore and won't be in the store's look-up. Seth got home and loaded the crib into his car and i had the girls in the other. I had seth come look at the crib and then we had to bring the crib in. We stood in line for a while and then seth's allergies kicked in so i ran to pharmacya nd bought some eye drops, we got the upc code to them and it wasn't in the system so we had to wait for them to call the wal-mart number to ge the price so they could hand key it. my mom was waitng for us to get done and ava had to go potty and get her diaper changed. SInce we had already been on hold for 45 mionutes at that point i just sent the diaper bag with my wallet in it since i figured we wouldn't need it for a while. Well before seth got back the got the price and i needed my driver's licence and it was with seth. I tried to call him but he hadn't answered, luckily my mom got back just then and i left MAdison with her and went after seth. I got my licence and i finally got the card that had our instore credit on it. After we finished at walmart we headed home 2 hours later!! THen next day I spent research more cribs and finally picked one out and it sound be in anyday.
Now for the reason it is titled this...before i told you miss madison could roll form her back to her tummy, now she can roll both ways and loves to do it, but more impressive is what else she has learned to do. She can scoot. She either pulls with her arms or she pushes with her feet and can go pretty far when she wants to. YEsterday she decieded she wants to crawl but doesn't quite get how to do it. She gets her little legs under her but she doesn't get to lift her head and push up on her arms, she looks funny with her legs in crawling posotion and her head on the floor and movign along. She loves her jumper and loves standing with help. she can do some sitting up alone but not to much, still getting the strength.
We also got Ava a BIKE! to bad she isn't using the potty so it is sitting inout dining room where she can see it. We let her go for a ride whenever she uses the potty. She loves book and i cna't belive some of the words that come out of her mouth, she says things liek that is amazing and declisious and disgusting. She will do so much for her little sister and mom and dad, the problem is just she is too independant, and wants to do it all herself and do it her way. She gets pretty mad when she doesn't get her way and hopefully she will understand why someday. She is so excited for her sister to come in her room. let's hope she still feels that way after sister in is there.