Saturday, February 5, 2011


Yesterday February 4, 2011 we added a new baby girl to the family. She was born at 2:34 p.m. and was 7 lbs and 3 oz, measuring 20 inches in length. We named her Kinley Ann Graham. She was induced because I tested positive for group b strep, which probably wouldn't have been a big deal except I am allergic to the cillian family and the medication they have to give for those with this allergy has to be given 6 hours apart, and I don't have labors that long. After alot of talking and such we decided that induction would be best since we could have her before I got to dilated, I was already almost 3 cm at 37 weeks and decided 38 weeks would be best.
Friday morning we got up around 6 ish and got the girls ready so that they could go stay with grandma and we could go have the new baby. We ate breakfast and then got to the hospital about 7:30 and got checked in. They started my IV and My 1st dose of antibiotics, and then started my pitocin. A little later the dr came and checked and I was 3-4 cm and he wanted to wait to break my water since I go 1 to 3 cm from just that. We had a pretty boring morning watching tv and playing games waiting til they broke my water. At lunch the dr broke my water and then the contractions started to kinda hurt, this was 12:30 ish. About 1:15 my back labor was getting to me and I decided that I wanted an epidural since she was having some declarations with the contractions and I didn't want to worry about a sleepy baby. They checked and I was 6 cm, and got the epidural. At 1:30ish I felt different and still sore since it only took in my back and my right side. I was 8-9 cm and she had dropped to a -1. Up tp that point she was a -2. They started my 2nd dose and we new they could speed it up and get it in. At 2:10ish I noticed it felt really different and I felt like I needed to push so Seth went and got the nurse and she checked and I was fully dilated and baby was down lower, and they called the dr to HURRY and get there so we could have the dr there, since we had joked that I wanted him there when she was born, and it was looking like he was going to miss the big event. I spent a good or so minutes trying NOT to push. He got there and I still felt like I had to push and they hurried and got everything ready for her to come, just when they got it ready my contraction started and I started to push. In that same contraction she was born. When she was born she was kinda purple and didn't really want to cry. We were all sure she was around 8lbs, when they got her cring good we got to have her back and she seemed kinda dark faced and had chubby cheeks. She wanted to eat so we let her nurse and then they took her back to the nursery to weigh and measure her. We found out her face was bruised with how fast she dropped and came. She has lost a lot of the dark color and swelling. She still has some good bruises on her ears and her face is darker and still swollen but it is getting better.
We are glad to be home and excited to pick up the girls tomorrow, and see how they all get along. We had the girls come out and meet her yesterday but Madison and Ava didn't nap yesterday and then Madison fell off Seth's bed while we were waiting for Kinley to come out of the nursery. She bonked her head pretty good, and with that and being tired she fell asleep and wasn't too excited to see her. She did give her a kiss. Ava was all about holding her and wanted to carry her and change her diaper and everything. we will add more pictures when we get them.