Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Kids! LOTS of Pictures!

Yesterday was a trying day, Monday night Ava and Madison ate something that made them sick so they were up all night taking turns throwing up, about 5 ish Tuesday morning they finally were both sleeping. at 10 ish Madison came in and looked like she got in a fight with a weed wacker, she said "Sissy did it" Ava came in and her hair was not as bad but not good either....

here is a before (Monday)

After (Tuesday)

Partners in Crime

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Milestones

So today was Ava's Last First day of preschool. I can not believe that next year she will be in Kindergarten! She has been asking if she can go to school today ALL summer long. This morning I told her today was school and she was SO excited! She LOVES her teacher. She had Ms Hana last year and was SUPER excited to be in her class again, on our way to school she said Ms Hana is the best teacher in the whole world. I have known Hana since I was little since she is one of my sisters best friends, and I had to give her a heads up that Ava has about 20000 stories. She gets to have lunch at school this year and she loves it. We just got her home and she was SO excited about her day. She was the Line Leader and has had a ton of fun today, and can't wait til Wednesday for her next day of school, but she gets to ride the bus Wednesday, I love the Bus it makes life SO much easier!
Also Kinley has learned to crawl, she prefers to army crawl or roll to get where she wants to, but can crawl. She has really become a new baby in the last week or so, on the 2nd of September she had tubes put in, she had fluid behind her eardrums for alteast a month if not more, and she had a month long ear infection with 3 antibiotics to finally get rid of the infection and still had fluid, behind. She really never said any kind of words and was always leaning when she was upright, she tried to crawl but always fell over, now she says mama dada aba nenenene all kinds of things and is so much more balanced, if she hadn't had the fluid i think she would have crawled earlier.
Madison is still her crazy busy self. She loves to climb and jump and dance and wiggle and anything she can get away with. She wants to go to school so bad but still has a year before she can go.