Monday, November 30, 2009

Ava and her Daddy

Most all my family say that that Ava looks like her Daddy. After some figuring out I managed to get a shot of a picture of Seth as a kid and a picture of Ava. I put them together so everyone could see want your opinion as to whether she looks like her daddy. Enjoy!!!!!

Crazy November, Crazy but Fun!

In the last month a ton has happened. We went to the zoo earlier this month, then the next weekend we went to Salt Lake City. We went to the gateway and got the girls a couple of build a bear bears, and stayed the night in the Radisson downtown. We went so that Ava and I could go to Princess on Ice.
It was most of her birthday, and she LOVED it. We got there and sat down, Ava kept saying "where are the Princess?" A family came and sat infront of us and the parents sat right in front of Ava so she sat on my lap. Then it all began, Tinkerbell came out and all Ava could say was "WOW"... As each princess came out she named them and was so excited for each one. I don't think she blinked once. All she could say was thank you mommy i loved the princess dancing.
The next week we flew out to North Carolina to spend thanksgiving with Seth's Family. We had a ton of fun just being together. WE went to a Renaissance festival, The North Carolina Zoo and played tons of games and went for some good fun walks. there was just so much that happened that it is impossible to name it all.
While we were there it was Ava's 3rd birthday. Grandma Graham made we an orange Cat cake. WE had celebrated her birthday with my family the sunday after princess. We also had a cake on thanksgivingf for my birthday since it was a week from then. She kept sayinging it's my birthday. thank you for my prents. Thanksgiving was So much fun too. WE had all the brothers and a set of great grandparents, and a couple of friends. It was crowded at the table but tons of fun. The next day we flew home... I was so proud of how well the girls did on the planes.
Today i took the girls to the doctor to get thier H1N1 shots and Ava's 3 year check.
She weighs 34 lbs putting her near 90th percentile and around 38 1/2 inches tall, she wouldn't really stand well for it so we are saying it is close enough, which also puts her in the 75th to 90th percentile. She is justy getting so big I can't believe it. This week brings my birthday, eye appointments and a much needed girls weekend with NO kiddo's, Seth will be taking them overnight so I can have a small break. Lots of pictures to come waiting for them to get here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Zoo Fun

Last Friday we took the girls to the zoo. The last we went was in June and so we thought it was about time to go. Seth had the day off so we got up and headed to first get my phone looked at, it was cutting out when i would talk to anyone. After we got that taken care of we were off to the zoo. It was so much fun, it was kinda windy but not to bad.
Ava was excited as she always is to go and see the animals. Madison seemed to enjoy it as well. We got to see the new baby elephant her name is zuri and ava was excited to see her, we also saw baby tigers and a baby snow leopard, a baby giraffe ( he was born on my dad's birthday. ava got to ride the carosel and she loses that part. We rode the train and had a ton of fun having a little family time...
Tomorrrow ava and I are going to princess on ice for her birthday as dada and madison have some fun time too. WE got a hotel room since it is supposed to snow and we have evening tickets, plus ava loves hotels. Plus in one week we are off to see Seth's parents for a week. WE are excited that most will get to meet little miss madison and see how grown up ava is. Not to mention they get to celebrate Ava's 3rd birthday with her on her birthday. More posts to come as our fun times continue.

What can I say I got Ape Arms, and so does Ava

Seth with the Girls Madison is as big as an infant Gorilla

Carosel fun

She likes animals

Baby Zuri in't she cute?

Ava wanted to see

I Wanna see Animals....Ava

This little guy shares my Dad's Birthday

I love being on Dad...Madison

Dad has a sick sence of humor

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

This Halloween was WAY fun and Way different than any other I have ever had. We had lots of fun carving pumpkins...about a week before halloween we got 2 pumpkins and seth carved Boo from the mario games and i did Tinkerbell for Ava. Then the Firday before my sister asked us to come and help her carve hers. Ava was really excited to see gina and courtney and Kade. So Seth and I worked on 2 of the 3 and my brother got off early and so he carved the other one. Cameron did the headless horse man, and i did a cyclopes for Kade (what he asked for), and seth did this Amazing skull pumpkin, the cap and all. He shaved it can cut it our, we loved it. On friday we took the girls downtown to go trick or treating to the stores downtown. Saturday we hit a few friends and our ward halloween party where we got WAY too much candy. We went to my parents, KAyla's Parents to see kayla and Cameron and we went out and spent soem times with "aunt" Brandy. Sorry our camera died so i don't have any pictures. my sister has some but i am too lazy to get htem at the moment so i will work on getting them and adding them later.
WE are getting pretty excited to go and see Seth's parents and family. It will be the first time most will see madison and it has been some time since those that have seen her have seen her. We are looking to Avas 3rd birthday. that is most of it for now....Seth did strat his job at the rec center supervising the archery range tonight, he likes it so a side note Madison is attempting to learn to walk on her own we may have a walking girl before 8 months we will see.