Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Miss Madison is 3 moths old!!!! What a day!

So today our little Madison Jade or as her aunt has decided to call her Maddie J turned 3 months old. I was so excited, but so sad at the same time. She is getting so big and growing too, and getting more able but it also means my tiny baby is gone, and time just went to way fast.
This was a rough day, Madison woke up more than normal last night and was wide awake at 5 a.m. I couldn't sleep the night before and was really tied. she was okay to play on her own for a little while but then she wanted mommy and now, then Ava joined the mix. After finally getting the girls back to sleep I got a little more sleep. Ava was in one of her moods and everything was dramatic. After Seth had lunch with us we headed to my mom's to take some pictures , we took the pictures and my mom asked me to look for the fabric we had gotten to make Ava a quilt for her bed that neither of us could remember the second fabric. I found a small piece but not the whole piece. I wanted to look longer but Ava was ready to destroy mom's house.
Ava wanted to go to the park, but she had to wait for dad. She got out her colors and was coloring her books, then her legs. She loves to color on any and everything! She knows it is wrong so she was sent to her room til dad got home. Then dad came home and she went back to her running 9 million miles a minute. she was up on our chair and started jumping, of course she fell and wacked her face on the book shelf. I was ready to go crazy since i had had a headache for 6 hours, and both girls were cryign or screaming if mommy wasn't right there.
Now another bad thing that happened today. At lunch we wanted milk, mine was slightly warm i figured the fridge just hadn't been closed all the way closed. I opened the freezer to get something and it wasn't really cold, and somethings were not frozen, i openeed the fridge door not really cold either. our fridge was also strangely quite. You guessed it our fridge is dying/ on it's last legs....i guess it shouldn't have been such a big suprise simce we kept having water pool under the drawer. We called the landlord, he came opened the freezer and said we were getting a new one sinc ethis one is pretty old. I guess there was a good thing about it. We decieded this was a good thing about renting, if it breaks we don't have to replace it.
So it has been one busy day and is so glad it is over, praying tomorrow is are some pictures from today and ava'a battle wound.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend and Rodeo Fun

It has been another fun and busy weekend for our family. Seth had Friday off and so we celebrated father's day then. We took a drive through the Unitas to Kamas Utah to try out our new toy a Tom Tom. It really didn't know how to get where we wanted but lucky for us it is a pretty straight shot. It was fun to go out and see nature, as we drove up we came across....SNOW and not just a little but like a foot of snow just there. That night we went to the rodeo with my parents and neice and nephew. It was fun the kids liked to see the horses, and cows, and they all went out for the chicken chase, only courtney really chased the chicken. Kade and Ava were both too afraid of the chickens. Courtney was sad she didn't get a prize and by the end the kids were all ready to go. We walked back to my parents and Said good-bye Courtney and Kade were sad Ava wasn't having a sleepover too, but we had to be up extra early trhe nest morning and went home.
We got tickets to go to the Oquirr (oaker is how it is pronounced) mountain open house for Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and it is 1 1/2 hrs to get there so we left the house at 7 a.m.! Ava isn't fun to wake up and can be a real bear if you do, but otherdays she is up before anyone else. We got on the road and got there and got the girls ready. It was so beautiful and a great experience for the whole family. Ava had a few 2 yr old moments like when she pulled her skirt off on the stairs when we were getting ready to leave and playing like she couldn't get up them and needed help to get up them. I would suggest that anyone that can go does, well worth the hour to go through the process. After we got done at the temple we were off to wheeler farm for an exteneded graham family reunion.
We got a little worried about the weather since it have rained all but one day this month here in Evanston, and only like 3 days in salt lake, and the skies were really cloudy and looked like it was gonna pour on us at moment. We had some real fun getting there since it wasn't a preprogramed point. After we got there we changed our clothes and went over to see the family that was there. We got to get reaquanted with some cousins and got to introduce Ava and Madison to seth's family. They had rented a boumce house and a slid with a ball pit at the end. Ava just wanted to play in there, then the rain came down... and ava was still playing in there. She was so happy to play in there and nothing was gonna stop her, when her pants were to wet she just took them off and was back to playing. After a little while she was tired and was done, then she was cold and wrapped up in her princess blanket. It was so fun to see family an dtalk.
We wanted to go to the zoo but it was so rainy and cold, plus ava had fallen asleep and we didn't want to wake her up, we told my mom that we would stop by and see my grandpa and drop off his Father's day present. He is in an Senior living facility. We found out a few years ago that he has Alzhiemer's and has slowly be going down hill mentally. It makes it hard to go and visit at times when he has no idea who you aew and why you are there but seems glad you came to see him. This was one of those trips. I am glad that he is in a place that can take such good care of him and know he is in a safe place and not going to hurt himself or anyone else.
We thought we might try to go to the rodeo agian but it was really raining when we got back and hasn't really stopped. We have had a few breaks but not much. So this morning we went to my parents ward for church and then had some really good food too. I feel so blessed to have my family so close and the wonderful fathers in our lives. here are the pictures I promised to post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

busy fun girls

I can not believe how big these two girls are getting. Madison is almost 3 months old. She can sit up for a little while(once you get her sitting up)... she has discovered she has feet and legs and uses them to roll her self over and off anything you put her on if she doesn't think she should be there. She smiles all the time and is cooing a ton too. I love to watch her grow and change, but she looks like her daddy. She still has a ton of hair and we found you can do some cute little pony tails with it. she love to see her daddy and sister and aunt gina, and grandparents. She is helping uncle cameron realize babies aren't that scary and loves to be held by anyone who will hold her and loves to be talked too.
Ava is 2 1/2 going on 18. She loves to pick out her own clothes and will let you know she does not want what you have picked out by telling you it is either too big or it is too small even if it really fits. She was doing so great at using the potty... she would go in and use it wipe, flush wash her hands all on her own and then tell you. she started be fore Madison was born, by her own choice, we had tried a couple of times in the previous months but she wouldn't even try so we decided that we would wait til after the baby was born and then go from there. about 2 weeks before she went in and went potty all on her own. she was so proud of herself and we were too, then we figured after madison was born she would stop, but she kept on going, she had her days when she wouldn't but for the most part she would, then she was going on the potty almost all the time, she would have an accident in the morning and one or two every couple of days. She was so excited to go potty, then all the sudden she won't. We are just going with the flow and waiting til she decides she is ready again. We know she know how and when to go , she just her stubbornness from mommy, and wants to do it her way and when she says, we are just praying it will be soon.
I was prompted to write this all down after what happened this morning, i had madison laid down to change her diaper and was getting ready to put a fresh one on when ava came over and picked up the old one and went and threw it away all on her own. I was so excited, she is such a good helper and loves to hug, kiss and talk to her baby sister, she gives her her binky and makes sure we know madison is sad. We also found out recently she can tell you numbers by looking at them. We discovered this when the girls and i went to my cousins wedding. I was in the pool and ava was jumping to me. she said i stand on 3, and she was. then i showed her the 9 and 4 and she could identify them too. She know so much at such i young age it impresses me every time she opens her mouth. We have a small papillon (a small dog from the toy group with really big ears) named Loki. he will do just about anything for food, and ava has turned into quite the little dog trainer, she tells him to sit, dance down, jump, dance, and just about anything she can get him to do, she praises him and it is so cute to watch them together, they chase each other everywhere and he watches over both his girls, if either cries he is there and then off to get seth or i.
I can't believe how lucky i am to have such a wonderful family, both intimidate and extended. I will post about the fun this weekend hopefully with pictures.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Madison's First Rodeo, and girls day, picinic

Last weekend we took the girls to the rodeo. We were a little scared because it had rained a little on our way from our house to my parents where we parked our car so we could walk over. We live like 3 miles away and the sky was really dark and looked like it was gonna pour at any second. Ava loved all the horses and the cows and even tried the chicken chase. She spent most of the time just pointing and telling her dad look chichens. She took off to her dad when one came at her. We had a blast watching ava cheer and tell everyone good job. She is such a cute and funny girl. Madison slept through pretty much the whole thing. I will have to put up the pictures later since our camera died and haven't quite gotten around to changing the batteries. I was relived it didn't start to rrain agian until we were on our way home and all night.
This Thursday the girls and I went with my mom to bountiful to my cousins wedding. It was on Friday but we had to be to the temple at 8 a.m. and since it is like 1 1/2 hour drive we stayed the night, since Ava is no fun to wake up earlier than you have to. We first went to tremonton to see a trailer my parents were thinking about buying, (we planned on doing that the next day but there was soemone else who was comin gup the next moring and thought it was perfect so my mom figured we needed to see it first) Ava loved the trailer since there was a little storage area she could climb in and out of and play peak-a-boo and all that fun stuff. My mom decieded it was what they wanted and will be getting deliverd on saturday. We then headed down to Bountiful. We went to go to our room and opened the door and you knew some one had been smoking in there, we didn't think it was the best place for us to be since Madison is so young, Ava tends to get everything that affects the lungs and i am asthmatic and cigarrete smoke makes me sick. My mom went down and explained the situatiion and they gave us a new room and were upset with house keeping since they are supposed to let them know if they can tell anyone has been smoking in the rooms since the whole hotel is smoke free! We moved to our new room and all Ava could talk about was the pool. She loves to play in the water and is pretty fearless when it comes to the water. She was jumping in and laughing and having way too much fun. We decieded she really needs to go back into swimming lessons since she thought it was fun to jump away from mom and before mom was there, and her want to always be in the water.
After the wedding we went to see David Jr.'s head stone it is really amazin gwith 5 different pictures of him on it. We spent quite awhile looking for it since everything looks different from January. After that we went to the Oquirrh Mountian Open House. At first we were a little nervous about going since it took 3 1/2 hours at the Draper Open House (I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, we had a 2 year old almost 3 year old and a 4 yr old). We were excited when we got there and got right in to see the film in to the temple and then reception area in 1 hr!!!! It was so gorgeous! Anyone that can go should. Ava even said it was beautiful.
Yesterday was Elkhorn's company picinic. We were there at 10 a.m. to play horseshoes. Seth and I were on seperate teams. Seth took 5th out of 5 and my team took 4th. My dad took 1st. They had rented bouncey toys. My sister brought Kade and Courtney over and the three of them were running up and down those as long as we would let them. They would all go together and this way and that, needless to say the were pretty tired had a ton of fun. They also got cotton candy, and snowcones. It was fun to see them all playing and getting along since ava and kade can sometimes be the worst enemies ever, they are sometimes too close in age for their own good. All in all it has been a long but good week. It would be better if i could take ava outside to play more since it has rained everyday this month and if i didn't know better we moved to washington. another busy week ahead.