Friday, December 31, 2010

A bit Behind...2010 what a year! beware it will be long

SO I found out that some people are intersted in what we have going on and I kinda suck at keeping up with what's going on in our live which will soon be even more Crazy.

So here is a brief overview of what has been going on in 2010...In January madison had to get tubes put in her ears. I had gotten my tonsils out in October and so we in less then a year had 3 things done at the hospital including having Madison. In March Madison turned 1. It is crazy how fast the time has flown since then. At the end of March I started having some pain in my ear, I couldn't sleep that night since I couldn't find a way that was comfortable without being in intense pain. I had a fever of 103ish and felt like crap. After calling about every doctor in town I finally got into my ENT,(my dad was ready to take me to utah to a clinic to get it looked at since the nearest appointment was in 2 weeks) and he looked in my ear and found I had a MAJOR ear infection and started me on steriods and antibiotics to tray and keep my eardrum from bursting it was leaking out in small drops but hadn't ruptured yet. I had a follow up appointment and still had the fluid in my ear, but it was no longer infected so another course of steriods to get the fluid out. We then waited another week or 2 to see if those 2 one week treatment of steriods worked. In the mean time my cousin got married at the Salt Lake temple and going to Salt Lake killed my ear but once we were there it wasn't as bad. The downside was everything on my left side sounded like it was underwater. After a month of dealing with pain and a waterfeeling I went back in and the found there was still fluid in my ear, so we had 3 options, leave it alone and see if it would clear up on it's own, cut open up and drain the fluid and let it just the ear heal back up and hope the fluid doesn't build back up, or cut and remove the fluid and then put in a tube to let my eustation tube have a chance to reset for lack of better words so hopefully it doesn't happen again. We found that if the problems I had had with my tonsils messed with my eustation tube. My tonsils were on the side of my throat and not the back, so when they would swell they would block my eustation tubes making them not work well but my left is worse off then the right. So the girls and seth were able to watch them put in my tube, ava tells me I have a purple in my ear. For the next 4 months to year I will have a tube to try and keep it from happening again, it that doesn't work it is a nasty surgery to try and fix my eustation tube itself On the monday before my cousins wedding Madison got a lovely hair cut and so did ava thanks to AVA! There are still signs of her lovely handy work.
In June we found out we were expecting our 3rd child, and Seth was able to an amazing digital art piece for the annual renewal ball. A very large print of the poster was auctioned off live and made $1200. That same day we found out we were expecting our 3rd child. A few weeks later seth's mom came out to visit and we went to jackson with her. She had never been and we had a kot of fun, but i perfer to be there when it isn't SO crazy and busy.
In July we got the girls bunkbeds and on the day we bought them we had to first take apart ava's old bed and i managed to fall down the stairs and we thought I might have broken my arm, so the next day we had it looked at and found out I had just bruised the bone. and less then a week later madison took a header into the bed and that was a nightmare in it's self. She hurt her head at 9:45 pm which ment the ER. We were there until 11 or a little after. They looked at it and said we had 2 options, either stitches or the skin glue. We said the stitches, but the doctor wanted to try the skin glue since it doesn't leave as much of a scar, but it isn't recommended for very active children, kids that don't leave things alone and one other thing all three describe my little monkey Madison, and we told her that. She recommended that for the first few days you put a band aid over it so they don't pick at it, but like me Madison is allergic to the glue on band aids so that wasn't really an option either which we also told her. So we reinstated that we wanted the stitches to be put in and she insisted on trying the glue. After ensuring she knew we wanted the stitches put the glue in and said if it failed to bring her back in. So since it was a head injury we had to keep her in our bed to watch for signs of a concussion, making for a long night, and apparently the idea of not climbing didn't take since Madison was climbing our headboard after we got home. The next day we tried a band aid for a few minutes, but that made her attack the area more. About 3:20 pm she was almost completely out, and I was tired from having to be around her all day to watch her and being morning sick didn't help. So I layed her down on her bed and sat down on my bed and 1 or 2 minutes later Ava comes in saying "Mom Madison hit her head again!" I was freaked out thinking we now had 2 wounds, but no Madison had had it with the glue and ripped it out of her head! Back to the ER and 3 hours later we had stitches in her head and no stupid glue!
In August I took the girls to Salt Lake at Primary Children's Hospital to get their tonsils and adnoids looked at to see if they would have to come out now or later. Looks like we are just gonna have to watch and see, and hope that madison grown enough to not have the issues she has now. That was a great thing since Ava started Preschool in september. We had some other fun adventures this summer including a family reunion in the mountains which was hard with madison trying to not get her head dirty, we also tried to go to the Manti Pageant but had some car problems 6 miles from the pageant and went back to provo and went and saw toy story 3. We went on a family trip minus my brother and his wife, who were with her mom for her mom's birthday, over labor day. We stayed in a big 2 bedroom hotel and room and went to cabella's and a fun place that had arcade games and mini golf and other fun activities, I got a hole in on on the hardest hole!
Ava started Preschool and LOVES it. She can't wait to go and is sad when she leaves she just wantes to go right back. Madison likes being with mommy alone. We went to do our 20 week ultrasound and baby wanted to be a surprise. The next month we went back and it looks like we are having A GIRL! baby gave us an okay look, nothing like Ava who wanted to ensure we knew she has a girl. I am now over 33 weeks, and in 3 weeks we will have 1 more ultrasound to see how big baby is and what position baby is in and Make sure baby is still a girl!
For halloween we had a heart queen and a piggy. Ava loved being the heart queen and still loves to wear it. Madison loves piggies and kitties and Monkeys and liked being a piggy, although she doesn't really want to wear it around anymore. This year Seth and My dad drew out to go hunting in Jackson at the elk reserve. my dad has been in North Dakota since october and came home over thanksgiving to go. Ava was VERY excited to get to go tot the WHoTel... and stay for several days. She loves the WhoTel and wants to go all the time. Since Ava's birthday was on thanksgiving this year she was having a great birthday. Seth and I went with my dad and brother and sister in law, to Harry Potter. My mom watched the girls and it was WAY fun. The next day my mom and The girls and Sister in law and I went and saw Tangled in 3D. I loved the movie, 3d was cool but i would love to see it in 2d too. Ava LOVED it and talks about it all the time.
We have had some fun with watching the girls grow up and see their imaginations grow and blossom. Madison loves to crawl around and be a kitty or a puppy and LOVES to bounce around and ribbit and say I a froggy. Ava has lots of imaginary friends right now tangled is her favorite. She plays with them and helps them to know the rules. For christmas the girls got lots of fun things and each got a new baby they can feed and play with. We hope this will help get them ready for the new baby. Ava Loves the baby and talks to it and kisses it all the time and the baby goes crazy moving when ava is near. Madison is dealing with jealousy already, she yells at the bay when she feels it move and doens't like to share mommy, we hope when the baby is here she will warm up to baby.
Otherwise we are just getting ready for baby and trying to enjoy the girls and everything they do now and remember it. I have to try and get the pictures uploaded and added another time