Friday, May 29, 2009

Madison's 2 month check

I took Madison into the doctor yesterday for her 2 month check. It is crazy how fast they have gone. It all started good. We stripped her down and put her in the baby scale. She was fine with that and even taking her temperature and I was surprise because she hates to be naked, but after they took her temperature and before I could pick her up she realized she was naked and boy was she mad. She just started to scream. They had me put her diaper on but that wasn't really helping because she doesn't really like just being in a diaper either. so we laid her down and got her height and head measurement. Then we were waiting for the doctor to come in and she was not happy to be wrapped up in her blankets, she wanted her clothes but i knew we would have to take them off again and so we just tried to keep her as calm as possible. When the doctor came in she was surprised to see it was Madison screaming and not Ava or an older baby....apparently she has a big baby cry. It think it comes from competing with sister. they did her check over and then it was time for shots. She got her oral first and then the had me lay her down and got one in her right leg and 2 in her left, but she has these tiny stick legs and so the nurse only stuck the needle in half way so she wouldn't hit her little bones. I was a little worried she would be a crank monster because I had already told my sister we would come so they could all see how big she has gotten, and i had agreed to go to a party (girls time) for mary kay for one of my childhood neighbors. Once we got her wrapped up and gave her her binky and her purple tricot she was okay and even fell asleep. We waited the 10 minutes and we were free to go. Luckily everything looked good and no reactions.
For those who want to know she was 9 pounds 14 oz, her head was 38.5 cm and she was 22 1/2 inches long. She is long and skinny, at least she gets one thing from mom since everyone thinks she looks just like her daddy. everyone comments that she is so long although she is like 50-75% on the charts but i think she looks even longer since she is so skinny.

getting ready to go take Madison to the doctor

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Pine beetle damage

Madison sleeping

It was in Spiderman, friends and sex in the city...
from New York, New York to LaBarge Wyoming

Ava in front of Lake New Fork

Madison on our way up

our finished railing

she did it herself

Catching her first fish

We decided to go with my dad to New Fork to go camping. We told him we would help get the camp ready for the scouts to come up since that is why he was headed up. We left Friday afternoon and drove up to meet my dad at the job he is working on and then went to New Fork. We thought we were gonna cook cause the air conditioner wasn't working so it was really hot, luckily both kids were sleeping and so were the dogs. We waited for my dad to get a ride from the site to where we were waiting. Dad told us the moon dancer cafe that was in spiderman movies is now in La Barge Wyoming, we wanted to eat there but were afraid we wouldn't make it to the napa if we did to fix the ac. WE decided to eat in Big Piney/Marbleton. We got the ac charged and looked for somewhere to eat, there was a chicken place in a gas station, Subway in the gas station also and a cafe bistro, the dinner at the marbleton inn and a place called the cafe verde dinner. Seth thought Mexican sounded good, but we knew it would only be open if they could find someone to cook(a very very small town). Luckily they were open. We went in and sat down. WE looked at the menu and there was ;like 3 things that were remotely mexican. after eating we headed up to camp. It was lots of fun. After getting there i helped dad get the water going. Seth thought we were somewhere else and wandered around with the kids looking for us, he didn't realize we could hear him if he yelled. The next day some of the other people there to get the camp ready were cutting down pine trees infected and killed by pine beetles and one cut his leg with the chain saw, but it wasn't bad and they got him patched up. we went to see the waterfront while my dad did an electrical walkthrough to check all the poles and boxes(he is a master electrician and they needed one to check good thing he loves new fork and it was a good chance for us togo up too) we went to the waterfront since ava loves to wander and we knew she wouldn't fall in the cold cold lake. we found a spoon at the beach and ava took it to dig everything she could. The beach trails trees although she got a little mad since the spoon wouldn't go in the spoon. It was her treasure. she told grandpa all about it too. We got her to leave it although i think she thinks we have it. We ate some breakfast and went fishing. It is still pretty early and we thought we wouldn't catch anything but when in new fork fish. We actually caught one. We threw it back, but Ava was the one who relled it in, she liked it til it came out of the water. We went back to the cabin we were staying in and Ava suddenly was terrified to be there and all she wanted to do was go home. After one long night we got up and let her go play. She climbed every rock with in site. she loved climbing the rock and throwing rocks and playing in the dirt. Althought her favorite was realling in the fishing poles. she didn't get you have to let them sit and wait.
After lunch we caught another fish, but we couldn't throw it back cause it was pretty much dead so we kept it. We threw the line back out and Seth got a bite, unfortunately he forgot to set the hook and it got away. after some more fishing we took the kids back to nap and fix the railing on the cabin. It had been broken by the snow and ice coming off. We all had lots of fun fixing it and doing various other projects. We finished the day by going shooting. Ava was terrified by the gun shots, Chinook and Loki wanted nothing to do with it, and Madison slept through it,I think because she was in a sling with a blanket around her ears and my body to block it. we ate dinner and Ava was again afraid of being there at night.
The last night we did some roasted marshmallows and went to bed. The next morning we fished a little more and got cleaned up the boys went to shoot the 22 my dad cleaned the nght before and we headed home. we saw a moose when we got to the main road and the ate at the moondance dinner on our way home.
It was a wonderful and fun weekend, the only down part was the killer migraine and side ache i got the day we headed home. My side stopped hurting but my head is still alittle sore. It was so fun to see Ava love playing on the rocks and being in one of my favorite places , my favorite as a kid.

Oh Madison turned 2 months old on sunday and ava turned 2 1/2 years old on monday...crazy how the time flies

Monday, May 18, 2009

Madison's First trip to the Zoo

Ava and Mommy on the Carisole

Madison peaking out at the animals

Boo and Daddy at the bird show

Boo and the Fossa

The Marble Ball

With Saturday being such a nice day we packed up the kids and went to Salt Lake to the Zoo. Ava loves the zoo and animals. Madison had never been since there hasn't really been a good weekend to go. We have a membership, one of the best mother's day presents ever( Igot it from my mother-in-law) and so when it is summer/spring time we will go and park in the top entrance since there aren't as many people and we did that, got the kids all out since there were lots of cars and buses there. Ava was so excited so we walked up to the gate and they were only open for a safety first school thing. Ava was not happy as we walked back the car she kept saying no no go see animals. After fighting to get other in her seat we went down to the regular entrance and Ava was ready to go. After getting in the zoo I had to feed Madison and so Seth and Ava played at the big marble ball. Ava liked that till she say people gathered around a table and stuff on the table so she went over and one of the local radio stations and a wheel set up with one picture on it and the rest were blank or had the logo. Ava spun the wheel and then grabbed a sucker, Seth didn't mind since he figured that is what she would get, but she landed on the picture. She had the choice of 2 Star trek tickets or Barbie as Thumbalina. Ava Loves Barbie and so she grabbed Barbie. She then won a chap stick at the next booth. I sent her and Seth to the car to put the movie away so we didn't loose it. I met them by the radio station's table. Ava was ready to get to the monkeys(one of her favorites). We saw all the little monkeys and went to the new Madagascar exhibit that opened that day. Ava was not a fan of the hissing cockroaches but really loved the Fossa and the turtles.
We saw the elephants and then we went to the Bird show. Ava loves birds and the bird show. During the middle of the show they bring out an African raven and have a volunteer hold out 5 dollars and the bird takes it to the keeper, then they ask if anyone wants to donate to help raise the money fro the bond that was passed. Seth looked to see ifd he had any cash but we were beat by someone else but Ava grabbed a dollar and wanted to do it. They moved on and Ava tried to climb down and give the next bird her money. all throught he rest of the show she tried to give money to the birds. At the very end they have 2 cockatoos that you can give money too and so Ava gave her dollar to the one named ginger but then she saw the other bird on our way out and had to give money to that bird too and so she got to give her money to both birds. We went and finished our trip to through the zoo and finishe dat the new carasole. She loves to ride it so we got 4 tickets, so she could ride it 3 times and i could ride once. we let Ava pick the animals she rode a zebra, elephant and tiger. She told me top ride the cheetah next to her and then we heaeded out. We decieded since I needed to find shoes for my brother's wedding we would eat in sugarhouse and look for shoes there. We went to olive garden which was nice because Ava had fallen asleep in the time it took to get from the zoo to there and Madison was asleep we got to talk and eat til Ava woke up and we got her to eat some but the fun was dessert. WE ordered a choclate thing and our waiter brought us raspberry dipping sauce. We couldn't get Ava to try it but i knew if she tried it she wouldn't stop told Seth as much. Sure enough once she tried it she was dipping all her fingers in and licking it off over and over agian.
After lunch we went to find my shoes. I didn't really want to take Ava and Madison since it would just take longer so Seth said he would stay in the car with them so I ran into 2 stores and found the shoes i wanted and we hit one more store and headed home. After we got home i took Madison upstairs to feed her and put her to bed. After a little while i heard Ava walking around in my shoes (one of her favorite things). Then I heard Seth say something to Ava. Then they came up and Seth told me what happened. Ava had found the cash i had left in the box with the shoes and was standing in the door way calling the birds to come get the dollar out of her hand. Before bed she asked for the monkeys and told us about the birds and money.
At Sunday dinner Ava was telling Kade and Courtney and Gina and Grandma and Grandpa about the birds and monkey's although I don't think anyone understood her since where was talking so fast. It never fails to amaze me what they talk about and remember from different trips. We will see how the girls like New Fork and Camping since we are going with grandpa this weekend.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Madison's Blessing

Madison's beautiful dress

Loves from Sister to Sister

Madison agian

More Loves for sister

Beautiful Madison Waking up

Today was Madison's blessing. She wore a beautiful dress made by grandma graham. Mommy work hard to get a blanket done just for her and almost did. Now mommy can finish it for her to keep for her kids if she wants too with out stressing and rushing. We had seth's brother and chris andJames, Cameron my brother, my uncle Brian Grandpa Jones and a member of the bishopric in the circle. It was a wonderful time and after we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for some food Yummy. Ava loved playing with Kade and Courtney and uncle cameron and soon to be aunt kayla. Brian and collen brought up madison and ava's great grandma and so that was fun for us all to sewe her and she loved holdong little miss madison. We enjoyed all the fun with family and friends that come with these special times.