Thursday, July 22, 2010


So Monday we got the girls new bunk beds which meant we had to take their old beds apart and back down stairs. I spent all day taken them apart and going through all their clothes and moving furniture around. I was stuck at home since after we ran our errands at lunch I got home with the girls and found out I had run over a large nail and had a flat, so I had to wait for Seth to get home and fix it. After Seth fixed the tire by putting on the doughnut we took the girls to my mom's house and dropped off the other tire to get fixed and went to pick up the bed. We picked it up and brought it home. after unloading part of the bed we decided it would be better to move the other beds down stairs, Seth took the large parts of Ava's bed and I took the light drawers from under her bed, about half way down I fell and those drawers went into my arms and I hit the stair, My left arm took the brunt of it. After catching my breath and gathering my self and picking up the broken pieces of the drawer and finished helping getting the rest of the beds down and bringing the rest of the bunk beds in. I helped put the new beds together and then we went back to my parents to eat and get the girls, I showed my mom and dad my arm and they suggested I ice it and get it checked out. I iced it and the next day I got it checked out, I only bruised the bone, but it Hurts SO bad, and today it hurts into my elbow and shoulder, hopefully it will get better. Here is a picture of my arm taken within 12 hours of the accident,it is missing the top part, and it looks worse today, enjoy!