Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year

Okay so I am slacking again, but atleast I have a good reason. We moved last month into our new house and are still trying to get it all set up while still trying to keep up a normal life. on the 23rd of December my grandpa passed away from the affects of a long battle with Alzheimer's. His Funeral was the 28th of December. He had a beautiful service and since he was a WWII vet he was buried with Military honors and a gun salute. We are all wondering how long my grandma has. Sadly she also suffers from Alzheimer's and hers set in more quickly and progressed much faster so we know that she may not have as long as my grandpa did, until then we are taking time to visit her.
We started the oldest 2 girls in swimming lessons, we decieded it was a good idea since we got one of the best Christmas presents ever from my parents, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DISNEYWORLD! And I mean everyone, my family my brother and his wife and my sister and her family and my parents. We are renting a house that has a pool and thought it was a good idea if they could swim. Now here is the real reason why I have been slacking, one word Kinley. Since the middle of December she has decided that she doesn't want to sleep but instead she wants to SCREAM all day and night. She began having apnea pauses and is SUPER grumpy. The girls and I went with my mom to my grandpa's funeral and had to be there the night before so we stayed the night, well neither my mom or I slept much or our neighbors since she screamed for nights on end, which wasn't the 1st night but rather the 10th or so. Well it wasn't really stopped we have maybe one or two nights where she will actually sleep.
So the first of the year I had to take her in to get the booster of her flu shot and had to get her weighed to see if she had gained enough weight since she is pretty tiny not even 16 lbs and was 11 months, well she had a rash on her face and her nose was either stuffed or running all the time and always sounds stuffy, she is an open mouth breather. Well her dr decided that she needed to see the ENT to see if her adenoids where a problem. So the next Thursday we went to Dr Haack(hawk is how it pronounced) and he realized she had 3 problems, and only 2 could be fixed right now, So the next day she had surgery. She had her adenoids taken out and they were horribly infected, which makes me wonder just how bad they would have been had she not been on antibiotics for 8 days before for the rash on her face, and they took a laser and thinned out the tissues in her nose so maybe she could breathe better. Now the 3rd problem was and is still her tonsils. She was having apnea pauses with the breathing tube in and so we had to stay at the hospital longer to make sure she would be okay. She is too small to take them out yet. So in the past 11 days she has been just as miserable and grumpy and still doesn't really sleep. She has been running a low grade fever this entire time, and just acts like she doesn't feel good. Seth took her into the dr for me so i could keep my massage time (which I was ready to give up). They said it was normal and could take up to 4 more weeks for her to feel better, so not much we can do until then but try and keep our sanity.
So we know that in a few months like 7 or so we will be back in the operating room to take out those blasted tonsils and maybe we can have a happy healthy child again.