Friday, December 31, 2010

A bit Behind...2010 what a year! beware it will be long

SO I found out that some people are intersted in what we have going on and I kinda suck at keeping up with what's going on in our live which will soon be even more Crazy.

So here is a brief overview of what has been going on in 2010...In January madison had to get tubes put in her ears. I had gotten my tonsils out in October and so we in less then a year had 3 things done at the hospital including having Madison. In March Madison turned 1. It is crazy how fast the time has flown since then. At the end of March I started having some pain in my ear, I couldn't sleep that night since I couldn't find a way that was comfortable without being in intense pain. I had a fever of 103ish and felt like crap. After calling about every doctor in town I finally got into my ENT,(my dad was ready to take me to utah to a clinic to get it looked at since the nearest appointment was in 2 weeks) and he looked in my ear and found I had a MAJOR ear infection and started me on steriods and antibiotics to tray and keep my eardrum from bursting it was leaking out in small drops but hadn't ruptured yet. I had a follow up appointment and still had the fluid in my ear, but it was no longer infected so another course of steriods to get the fluid out. We then waited another week or 2 to see if those 2 one week treatment of steriods worked. In the mean time my cousin got married at the Salt Lake temple and going to Salt Lake killed my ear but once we were there it wasn't as bad. The downside was everything on my left side sounded like it was underwater. After a month of dealing with pain and a waterfeeling I went back in and the found there was still fluid in my ear, so we had 3 options, leave it alone and see if it would clear up on it's own, cut open up and drain the fluid and let it just the ear heal back up and hope the fluid doesn't build back up, or cut and remove the fluid and then put in a tube to let my eustation tube have a chance to reset for lack of better words so hopefully it doesn't happen again. We found that if the problems I had had with my tonsils messed with my eustation tube. My tonsils were on the side of my throat and not the back, so when they would swell they would block my eustation tubes making them not work well but my left is worse off then the right. So the girls and seth were able to watch them put in my tube, ava tells me I have a purple in my ear. For the next 4 months to year I will have a tube to try and keep it from happening again, it that doesn't work it is a nasty surgery to try and fix my eustation tube itself On the monday before my cousins wedding Madison got a lovely hair cut and so did ava thanks to AVA! There are still signs of her lovely handy work.
In June we found out we were expecting our 3rd child, and Seth was able to an amazing digital art piece for the annual renewal ball. A very large print of the poster was auctioned off live and made $1200. That same day we found out we were expecting our 3rd child. A few weeks later seth's mom came out to visit and we went to jackson with her. She had never been and we had a kot of fun, but i perfer to be there when it isn't SO crazy and busy.
In July we got the girls bunkbeds and on the day we bought them we had to first take apart ava's old bed and i managed to fall down the stairs and we thought I might have broken my arm, so the next day we had it looked at and found out I had just bruised the bone. and less then a week later madison took a header into the bed and that was a nightmare in it's self. She hurt her head at 9:45 pm which ment the ER. We were there until 11 or a little after. They looked at it and said we had 2 options, either stitches or the skin glue. We said the stitches, but the doctor wanted to try the skin glue since it doesn't leave as much of a scar, but it isn't recommended for very active children, kids that don't leave things alone and one other thing all three describe my little monkey Madison, and we told her that. She recommended that for the first few days you put a band aid over it so they don't pick at it, but like me Madison is allergic to the glue on band aids so that wasn't really an option either which we also told her. So we reinstated that we wanted the stitches to be put in and she insisted on trying the glue. After ensuring she knew we wanted the stitches put the glue in and said if it failed to bring her back in. So since it was a head injury we had to keep her in our bed to watch for signs of a concussion, making for a long night, and apparently the idea of not climbing didn't take since Madison was climbing our headboard after we got home. The next day we tried a band aid for a few minutes, but that made her attack the area more. About 3:20 pm she was almost completely out, and I was tired from having to be around her all day to watch her and being morning sick didn't help. So I layed her down on her bed and sat down on my bed and 1 or 2 minutes later Ava comes in saying "Mom Madison hit her head again!" I was freaked out thinking we now had 2 wounds, but no Madison had had it with the glue and ripped it out of her head! Back to the ER and 3 hours later we had stitches in her head and no stupid glue!
In August I took the girls to Salt Lake at Primary Children's Hospital to get their tonsils and adnoids looked at to see if they would have to come out now or later. Looks like we are just gonna have to watch and see, and hope that madison grown enough to not have the issues she has now. That was a great thing since Ava started Preschool in september. We had some other fun adventures this summer including a family reunion in the mountains which was hard with madison trying to not get her head dirty, we also tried to go to the Manti Pageant but had some car problems 6 miles from the pageant and went back to provo and went and saw toy story 3. We went on a family trip minus my brother and his wife, who were with her mom for her mom's birthday, over labor day. We stayed in a big 2 bedroom hotel and room and went to cabella's and a fun place that had arcade games and mini golf and other fun activities, I got a hole in on on the hardest hole!
Ava started Preschool and LOVES it. She can't wait to go and is sad when she leaves she just wantes to go right back. Madison likes being with mommy alone. We went to do our 20 week ultrasound and baby wanted to be a surprise. The next month we went back and it looks like we are having A GIRL! baby gave us an okay look, nothing like Ava who wanted to ensure we knew she has a girl. I am now over 33 weeks, and in 3 weeks we will have 1 more ultrasound to see how big baby is and what position baby is in and Make sure baby is still a girl!
For halloween we had a heart queen and a piggy. Ava loved being the heart queen and still loves to wear it. Madison loves piggies and kitties and Monkeys and liked being a piggy, although she doesn't really want to wear it around anymore. This year Seth and My dad drew out to go hunting in Jackson at the elk reserve. my dad has been in North Dakota since october and came home over thanksgiving to go. Ava was VERY excited to get to go tot the WHoTel... and stay for several days. She loves the WhoTel and wants to go all the time. Since Ava's birthday was on thanksgiving this year she was having a great birthday. Seth and I went with my dad and brother and sister in law, to Harry Potter. My mom watched the girls and it was WAY fun. The next day my mom and The girls and Sister in law and I went and saw Tangled in 3D. I loved the movie, 3d was cool but i would love to see it in 2d too. Ava LOVED it and talks about it all the time.
We have had some fun with watching the girls grow up and see their imaginations grow and blossom. Madison loves to crawl around and be a kitty or a puppy and LOVES to bounce around and ribbit and say I a froggy. Ava has lots of imaginary friends right now tangled is her favorite. She plays with them and helps them to know the rules. For christmas the girls got lots of fun things and each got a new baby they can feed and play with. We hope this will help get them ready for the new baby. Ava Loves the baby and talks to it and kisses it all the time and the baby goes crazy moving when ava is near. Madison is dealing with jealousy already, she yells at the bay when she feels it move and doens't like to share mommy, we hope when the baby is here she will warm up to baby.
Otherwise we are just getting ready for baby and trying to enjoy the girls and everything they do now and remember it. I have to try and get the pictures uploaded and added another time

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

18 Months

Friday madison turn 18 months. We went to the dr today and she is 18 pound 14 oz and 31 1/2 inches long, she is getting closer to being on the charts for her weight, but still no there yet.
Here are some fun facts about Madison
1. She LOVES to use the potty, and has been doing really good about asking to use the potty to go for both.
2. She loves to do anything sister courtney and kade are doing, and is doing a pretty good job of keeping up.
3. Madison knows alot of words and when sister isn't around she can really talk your ear off.
4. She loves to cuddle and Loves pillows and blankets.
5. Madison LOVES to climb
6. Madison likes to feed herself with her fork and likes to drink out of a "big Girl" cup, not always her sippy she wants a big cup
7. Madison loves to sleep on the bed with her sister and does anything she does, mostly that is, she wants to be the boss too.
These are just a few fun things about our silly dilly bug one of her many many nicknames.

oh and we went to the doctor today and found out baby is doing great but wants to be a suprise, maybe next month we will know if it is a boy or a girl

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So Monday we got the girls new bunk beds which meant we had to take their old beds apart and back down stairs. I spent all day taken them apart and going through all their clothes and moving furniture around. I was stuck at home since after we ran our errands at lunch I got home with the girls and found out I had run over a large nail and had a flat, so I had to wait for Seth to get home and fix it. After Seth fixed the tire by putting on the doughnut we took the girls to my mom's house and dropped off the other tire to get fixed and went to pick up the bed. We picked it up and brought it home. after unloading part of the bed we decided it would be better to move the other beds down stairs, Seth took the large parts of Ava's bed and I took the light drawers from under her bed, about half way down I fell and those drawers went into my arms and I hit the stair, My left arm took the brunt of it. After catching my breath and gathering my self and picking up the broken pieces of the drawer and finished helping getting the rest of the beds down and bringing the rest of the bunk beds in. I helped put the new beds together and then we went back to my parents to eat and get the girls, I showed my mom and dad my arm and they suggested I ice it and get it checked out. I iced it and the next day I got it checked out, I only bruised the bone, but it Hurts SO bad, and today it hurts into my elbow and shoulder, hopefully it will get better. Here is a picture of my arm taken within 12 hours of the accident,it is missing the top part, and it looks worse today, enjoy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

what a monster girl!

Today Madison is 15 months old, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! We took her to the doctor and she is a monsterous 17 pounds 4 or 6 OZ, and 30 inches long, she still isn't on the charts for her weight but is 25 to 50% for height and head.circumference although i am not sure what that measurement is. She also has 4 teeth on top and three on the bottom, and i can feel a molar coming in a maybe even a few more, she has been more cranky from those teeth, but is still just a funny crazy little girl. She has a few favorite words, which are ball, shoe, no no, mama, dada, sisi, sipsip, bink bink, blank(blankey). She has some other words she say but those are her favorites, she also has started to nod her head for yes, although you can not get her to say yes more then once.
She loves to climb and get into EVERYTHING! She is always climbing and keeps right up with her sister.
In some not so fun news at the end of summer both our girls will be getting their tonsils and adnoids out. We are hoping it helps madison gain weight and helps both girls sleep. We recently found out that kids and people who sleep with their mouths open and are mouth breathers in general have more dental problems and both do that. We are also hoping that getting out ava's and madison's tonsils will help them not have as much wax in their ears, madison has gotten somewhat better with the tubes but it could be better.
we also got the girls' ears pierced, ava is pretty good at cleaning them and leaving them alone, but madison loves to play with hers and cries when you clean them, she is SO silly, since i know it doesn't hurt.
We are getting ready for a fun weekend with grandma (my mom) and my sister and her kids and mine to go to the manti pageant and seth and kevin get daddy time, and we are also looking forward to grandma graham to come in about 2 weeks for a whole week! Pictures to come

Thursday, March 25, 2010


One year ago yesterday we welcomed little Madison Jade Graham. I was going to do this yesterday but with all the craziness of yesterday it didn't happen til today. OUr morning started by taking Madison to the doctor. SHe is a massive 16 pounds 5 ounces. She lost about 10 ounces since getting sick. Incase you didn't hear Ava had tested positive for RSV and Madison had all the same signs although she didn't test positive, on top of the RVS Ava had an Ear infection and bronchitis....Madison also had bronchitis, but no ear infection, but getting atleast 4 teeth.
So much has happened since little Madison has come into our lives. I got my tonsils out and then 2 months later she had to get tubes. It has been a whirlwind year.
I can't believe how big she is getting. Here are a few random facts about Madison, 1. She rolled over at 1 month, and then both ways within a month of that, 2 she started to do herown crawl, head on the floor and crawling with her legs at 3 to 3 1/2 months, she actually crawled at 5 months. At 6 months she pulled her self up and started walking along with things. September marked Madisons 1st earinfection followed by 2 more in the next 3 months, leading us to get tubes. By the end of November Madison was trying to walk. By Christmas she had taken a multitude of steps but not very well. January 22 tubes, and that very day she was walking like a champ. last week Madison decieded she was interested in the potty and has sat ib it a few times, and everytime she walks over to the potty and tapps it, followed by momma or dada, or screeching. She is all smiles up there.
Madison loves to say ME-ME. If she wants it she starts with the me me's so ine of her many nicknames is now ME-Me....SOme others include, madder Jadder, Jadders, Baby Girl, Angel baby, Babyor Baby Diaper Via Ava, and Madie or Madie J (her aunt Gina) although Seth is starting with the Madie too. Madison also says Momma Dada, pish pish, and some other things i can remeber right now.
Madison LOVES to be with her sister and play with her too. She is a BIG snuggler, loves blankets, babies and anything soft. She likes animals but maybe not as much as her sister, although she is started to reallylike them. She LOVES to draw and scribble. Her daddy now has 2 little helpers whenever he wants to draw. She loves buttons and pushes all that shecan. She is REALLY perticular about how can her. She will even cry if Gina tries to hold her, although sometimes she cuddles right up to her. She loves to be with mom and usually only waqnts mom and gets mad if even dad takes her. She loves to wave bye-bye, give high fives, blow kisses and give kisses.
There is so much more i could say about our sweet little girl but right now these two little girls are needin some attention....Pictures to come later, birthday party Saturday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Funny Funny Girl

Today we were sitting in church and Ava wanted us to draw her thumbkin's, so i drew them on and then she wanted me to have some too, so we drew mine on, then her daddy wanted to show her how good he could draw a flower. He drew 2 flowers one on each palm. She thought that was even cooler then thumbkins. She drew on on me and then went to draw on on Daddy's hand, she got a circle and then says "daddy your hands are too big" and pushed them away. I tried so hard not to laugh but it was SO funny, she then went back to drawing on mine. she kept tell her daddy his hands where to big every time he asked for some. Oh that girl

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deters Reunion

I just want to make sure i cover all my bases, so we have the cabins SEPTEMBER 17-19. We have to have all the money in by the end of the month. We just wanted to be sure that this is what we wanted to do, or try and do something else, or for go it all together this year, either text me or e-mail me @, or facebook me. thanks

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Fun Girlies

Our little Madison has been doing some fun things, she is ALL girl.... She has finally gotten some new teeth, She has 4 now. The top 2 are just coming in and the bottom 2 are all the way in. One of her favorite things is to hang out with her sister. They play games together and run up and down the hall.
She Loves to comb her hair, she gets a giant smile and coos when you comb her hair. She also gets mad and stops her foot and squeals.
Ava has been in dance and gymnastic classes. She has enjoyed the classes. She has a hard time at the beginning where she sits/ stands and watches then she gets really into it. She is loving the uneven bars and anything that involves bouncing. She loves the ballet part of dance class, think mostly because it is second, and she is more comfortable. She looks so much more grown up with her hair pulled up, and she has little rock muscles.
I can't believe how fast the time has gone, they are both growing up SO fast! I will get some new pics up as soon as I can, but for now is a little taste of what we have been up too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facebook | My Photos - New pictures of the girls

Facebook | My Photos - New pictures of the girls

11 Months

11 months ago our sweet crazy little Madison was born. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. Here are a few things we love about Madison...
- she is happy
- she is SO easy to put to bed, just stick her in her crib and she may play a little but is then out like a light fairly soon after
- she has the CUTEST little laugh
- she Loves to play with her sister
- she is a mommy's girl
- She is SUPER busy...she is walking,
- she learned how let the dog out of his kennel
She now has her bottom 2 teeth and her top to are coming in, she is such a joy I can't wait til she can say more then mama dadda, dah and a few others.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Best Friend

This morning Ava did something I never thought I would see her do, We were all sitting on my bed after Seth had left for work and Ava grabbed Madison and gave it her a GIANT hug and told her your my best friend! It was SO cute Madison responded with DAH! For all the stress they can cause I wouldn't give them up for anything, It makes me feel so special to be with these wonderful little spirits and Gifts form above, now if I can remeber that when they are being SUPER naughty...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Battle Wounds

Saturday we went to my cousin's babyshower. We thought it was at my aunt Janet's house, but it was down the street. It wassn't far so we decieded to walk, Gina was in the lead with Courtney, then me and Madison, and my mom and Ava were taking up the rear. I heard a scuffle sound and turned around and they were both on the ground, my mom on the road and Ava on the sidewalk. She screamed and then she made a funny, gag choking sound...I hurried over to help her. I handed Madison to Gina and picked up Ava, We had seen she was bleeding. I thought it was her lip, and so we hurried and walked to the house where the shower was and sat her down on the step and started to clean her up. I realized that the blood was coming from her nose and she had chipped both her front teeth. We got her to tip her head beack enough to stop the bleeding and got her cleaned up. After we got her cleaned up and calmed down we found out my mom was trying to step up on the sidewalk and thinks she had a hold of Ava's hand and so when we fell she pulled Ava with her.
She seemed to be okay and we watched her the whole night and next day. Today she had dance and gymnastics, and as soon as she had finished that we had gotten her an appointment to see the dentist. He checked her over, luckily no broken nose, skull or jaw. Her 2 front teeth are lose, but should firm back up, and may change color like a bruise. The big think is to just watch it doesn't swell with infection. she seems to be okay, and looks worse then the scraps really are.
Sorry i can't turn them

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So Ava has been really funny the last few days and I just had to share some of the funny things she has said and done..
Sunday we where sitting in sacrament meeting and a\Ava was excited to go the sunbeams... She kept asking when it was time to go to sunbeans, i finally told her when she finishes talking, we sing one more song and then after the prayer we can go to sunbeams. A little later she says, "Stop talking I wanna go to sunbeans!" I was trying so hard not to crack up. so to keep her self entertained to walks over to her dad and pretends she is breaking her dad's fingers and thing fixing them. Seth was cracking up and Ava was too, followed by Madison. They were not being very good. That lasted all of 2 minutes. she then went back to telling the speaker stop talking i want to go to sunbeans!. When the speaker sat down we got ready to sing and ava yells "It's time for SUNBEANS!" We told her we had to sing and she told us she didn't wanna another song.
After all this you would think she would want to sit with her class, but nope all she wanted was to on my lap.
So today we were eating pretzel sticks and the girls were eating them with me, and Ava was teaching Madison how to put them on the plate, and then back in the bowl. She has been just funny in trying to show Madison everything she knows. They spend hours running up and down the halls in our house. Well Ava runs around Screeching and Madison walks as fast as she can screeching or crawling as fast as she can Screechign just like sister.
My favorite things are to listen to these two laughing and playing. They love to be together although they still need their own alone and special time.
Ava started a dance and gymnastics class at the local rec center. She has wanted to take the class for just over a year now, she is in there with her cousin Courtney and was so excited. We got her a new Leotard, tights, dance shoes and skirt. She has been putting it on everyday and "shaking it" She has been asking to go dance and "ginnastics". We thought she would be excited and jump right in, but she decieded to be shy, and wanted to be held, by the teachers....she started warming up and did pretty good, hopefully next week will be better.
Madison is becoming a walking Champ! She is so funny, she likes to play peek a boo, and will insitate the games....she loves to play and is starting get pretty quick walking, she is a speed demon when she crawls. She had tube put in her ears about a week ago and is doing GREAT, she seems to gabber more and walks better.
More adventures to come

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday and other fun

Today is Seth's 28th birthday! I can't believe how lucky I am to have met and married such an amazing man! Not only is it his birthday but on the 24th Madison turned 10 months old. I can't believe it has been 10 months since she was born. Yesterday Ava was 3 years and 1 month old, i can't believe how time flies.
Last week we took our car in to get it fixed, it was supposed be done Wednesday, but problems with parts pushed it to Thursday, and then again parts problems pushed it back to Friday....and once again problems pushed it back to Monday!!! Well some sort of miracle must have happened because we actually got the car back yesterday. It wouldn't have been as big of a deal except that Madison had to get tubes put in her ears Friday morning. We had to be there at 7 am and Seth had to be to work at 7 am too and my mom was keeping Ava for us as well. So we would have to gotten both girls up and out the door around 6 so we could take Ava, drop off Seth and get to the hospital, and then have to pack the girls back up to pick up Seth for lunch, not my idea of fun, and not my mom's either. She let us borrow one of her cars and Ava stayed the night. It helped make a crazy morning a little less crazy.
Now that the craziness has dyed down some things are looking better. Madison has found walking easier, and talking more fun. For those of you who don't know Madison started walking just after Christmas, but has really taken off in the past couple of weeks and even more so since the surgery.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another CRAZY Week

Last wednsday we took our cars in to get the oil changed and found out that our concord needs some major suspension work, so we have to take it in tomorrow and get it done. Yesterday I had to take Madison into the ENT and get her ears, and tonsils looked at. She has had 3 ear infections since the end september. 2 were within a month of each other, and the decieded that it was time to get them looked at. After the ENT looked and her he recommended she get tubes, they say if you have 3-4 ear infections in a 6 month period they should get tubes and she had that in 3 months, he said we could wait for one more and then get them, but with her decieding she is a walking girl i worry about the equalibrium and also they found blood on her ear drum that had the latest ear infection which made him think her ear drum may have ruptured during the ear infection, but is healing now. I want ot make sure she isn't going to have any development problems either so Friday we are gettign tubes put in her ears.
We are still watching chinook until her cone can come out, and taking her in to the vet this afternoon....hopefully next week won't be SO crazy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The last 8 days have been CRAZY! Last Monday I had to take Chinook in to the vet. to have surgery. She had a large mass on her front right leg and they decided it needed to come off. Since she loves to lick she has to have a cone on. She had few other little bumps that they took off too. Since she has the cone on she can't use her doggy door she has been hanging out at my house since i don't have stairs she HAS to use. She has been really good and quiet and lots of fun. Thursday Ava started Screaming and said her ear hurt. We tried to give her some medicine and see if that helped. It only did for so long. So Friday I called to get the girls into doctor. I went to get Chinook from mom's house and the vet called. We found out that she didn't have cancer, but an infection caused by her licking that spot. So I ran out and got her an antibiotic and then came home, got the girls ready and off to the doctor.
We got the girls weighed and ready. Madison has had a rash and not sure why. After getting the girls checked out both of them had an ear infection and bronchitis.
Saturday I went with my mom and sister to the temple. It was fun to get out of the house, and spend some quality time with them.
If that isn't enough Madison has decided that she needs to be a walker. She is up to walking 10 steps in a row. She could do more if she didn't lean so far over. Hopefully as this ear infection clears up she will be a little bit better balance wise!
We will have to see what the next week or two brings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Little Chatch Up

Wow I just saw that it has been quite a while! My mom Celebrated her birthday, it was lots of fun to have lunch with her and my sister. We had lots of fun with seth's family at thanksgiving. Christmas was lots of fun with my family too. We are hoping to have lots of fun in the new year. Ava is enjoying being a sunbeam, Madison is up to 6 steps in a row and has 2 teeth. otherwisae life is the same old same old.