Thursday, June 24, 2010

what a monster girl!

Today Madison is 15 months old, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! We took her to the doctor and she is a monsterous 17 pounds 4 or 6 OZ, and 30 inches long, she still isn't on the charts for her weight but is 25 to 50% for height and head.circumference although i am not sure what that measurement is. She also has 4 teeth on top and three on the bottom, and i can feel a molar coming in a maybe even a few more, she has been more cranky from those teeth, but is still just a funny crazy little girl. She has a few favorite words, which are ball, shoe, no no, mama, dada, sisi, sipsip, bink bink, blank(blankey). She has some other words she say but those are her favorites, she also has started to nod her head for yes, although you can not get her to say yes more then once.
She loves to climb and get into EVERYTHING! She is always climbing and keeps right up with her sister.
In some not so fun news at the end of summer both our girls will be getting their tonsils and adnoids out. We are hoping it helps madison gain weight and helps both girls sleep. We recently found out that kids and people who sleep with their mouths open and are mouth breathers in general have more dental problems and both do that. We are also hoping that getting out ava's and madison's tonsils will help them not have as much wax in their ears, madison has gotten somewhat better with the tubes but it could be better.
we also got the girls' ears pierced, ava is pretty good at cleaning them and leaving them alone, but madison loves to play with hers and cries when you clean them, she is SO silly, since i know it doesn't hurt.
We are getting ready for a fun weekend with grandma (my mom) and my sister and her kids and mine to go to the manti pageant and seth and kevin get daddy time, and we are also looking forward to grandma graham to come in about 2 weeks for a whole week! Pictures to come