Thursday, September 24, 2009

WOW 6 months already

Time sure flies.....

I can not believe that Miss Madison is 6 months old today. She is so busy it is insane. Since her ear infect has cleared up she has surprised us with a new trick, she can sit up straight without any help. She has been sitting more up right for a few weeks, but always to one side and kinda leaning on her leg, but the other day she just sat up and looked at us like see I am a big girl and now you can fed me what you are eating. She has been really into our food although she really doesn't want to eat her's. This is pretty recent I think it has to do with all the medicine she had to take for the double ear infection. She is into standing on anything she can, and even tries to walk in her crib, and anything she can hold onto. She will walk if you hold her fingers and just wants to be moving all the time. She crawls everywhere and wants to be right with you all the time. She loves to try and feed herself, she takes the spoon and puts it in her mouth, she loves to shake the spoon and show her smiles off. She loves to give smiles and laughing at and with sister, she loves to hang out and love on mom and dad(sometimes). She is always up to new adventures, and looking at new things, if she can get her hands on it she is investigating it. She loves to put everything in her mouth, and loves to tear up paper. She loves to listen to stories and tries to read them herself, at least she looks like she is.
Her once long (for a baby) black-brown hair only remains in a few spots the back of her head and wanna be Mohawk on top the rest has come in short and blonde, we are waiting to see as it gets longer if it will curl like sister's or if it will be straight or somewhere in between. We are all betting on when she will be off and walking since she doesn't seem to think that she needs to wait until she is supposed to for everything else.
She goes to the Dr. on Tuesday and will have to update you on her stats.
Tomorrow we are going to the Circus with my mom sister and her kids, we are staying the night in a hotel and Ava loves to do this, she can go swimming and play with "Courtney-Kade". We went last year and Ava loved all the animals and the "pretty dancers".
Seth gets to have the house to himself plus the dog, hopefully he will enjoy the quiet time, and get some of his projects done.

Madison: the 1st 6 months

Madison Jade Graham
March 24th, 2009
7 lbs 5 ounces 19 1/2 inches long @ 7:47 a.m.

Mommy, Daddy, and Me only a few hours old

Me and Mommy, doesn't she look silly, but I'm super cute

It's me Madison, & I have A LOT of hair

Me a few weeks later

Me Around 1 Month Old

My Blessing Day May 3, 2009

Going to New Fork for the 1st time almost 2 months old, Memorial Day Weekend, want mommy to get that camera way from me...

Happy 2 Month Day @ New Fork

One of my 2 month pictures at the Bear River State Park

Graham Reunion around 3 months Father's Day weekend 2009

Me and Sister Ava just days before I turned 3 months on Mom and Dad's bed

Me and sister on my 3 month day

I love those leaves above my head, 3 months old

I don't know how well you can see my Allergy Rash 1 week before my 6 month day.

My 1/2 birthday, 6 months old, I am gonna crawl to you, Mommy says I need to hold still for these pictures, I think I have too much to see and do to sit still for you right now mom.

Ready... Set... Go..., I don't stay in one place for long unless Mommy is holding me or i am snuggling up to someone I want too, but be ready to give me right back to mommy if I see her.

These are a few of my adventures....I also went to the zoo a few times, went camping 3 more times, got a new aunt and of course spent lots of time with Mommy, Daddy, Sister and lots of time in the car. stay tunes for more of me and sister , mommy and daddy, and all our many our adventures.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new member of the Family

Yup that's right A NEW MEMBER of the FAMILY.....

Well the last 2 days have been crazy busy. Friday we added a new member to the family. My little brother Cameron Got MARRIED. He married his high school sweetheart, her name is Kayla and it was a beautiful ceremony.
They were married on the 18th of September at the Bountiful, Ut temple, sorry i don't have any pictures I forgot my Camera. After the were married we had a dinner at a place called the Wight House, after the dinner we went to some old family friends house and didn't get home til near midnight.
Saturday was the reception, WE went and got ready around 4 and took pictures until the reception began. My mom made beautiful dresses for the girls and got Kade a very handsome suit and made him a handsome vest as well. My sister and I were bridesmaids and so we were in the line leaving Seth with all four kids. It was a lot of fun to see lots of friends and family.

Congrats to the newly weds and have fun in MAUI!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a weekend

This has been one LONG weekend. It all started on Thursday, Madison was really restless all Wednesday night and when we checked her temperature it was 102.5, i waited a little while and checked it again and still the same. I gave her some Tylenol and it came down some, but then it started to go back up. I also noticed she was pulling and grabbing at both ears. I called and her pediatrician was gone for the weekend, so i called my regular doctor and they got her in, the doctor checked her and was sure she had a double ear infection. We got some antibiotics and off we went. I started giving it to her and rotated Tylenol and Ibuprofen, and she was doing better, then her fever came back.
Friday was a miserable day since she had a fever of 103 or around there all day, she strated getting a Lacey look to her but i figured it was the temp she was, and about half way throught the day she got the diriah, it keep getting worse and worse, it felt so bad seeing how much pain she was in. All she wanted to do was be held and sleep. Now Madison is not a quiet still baby, she is crawling everywhere and pulling hewr self up an anything that holds still long enough, we talked with the doctor and he said to watch her and if irt got worse to let him know.
Saturday her fever broke until we gave her medicine and then it would spike and then come back down some and spike and stay high, she seemed more happy and even played some. IT was probally the best day since something new hadn't come up.
Sunday morning we gave her her medicine and then she needed shanged, and Seth noticed that she had a spotted stomache and back. Of course i got worried since both my dad and I are allgeric to all the clillins, penicillin,amoxicillin ect... we went and shoed my mom and dad her rash, they said to keep an eye on it and not take her to church, after we got back home i left a message for the doctor telling him waht was going on. We then decieded that I would hang out at my parents since her rash was spreading some and she was due for her next dose about the time our ward started and if she ahd a dramatic reaction i would have someone with me. of course the fever spiked and she just wanted to sleep, but was okay. We had dinner nad then we gave her her last dose at bed time, i made her sleep with use so that if she had any problems i could be right there and get her the help she would need.
Monday today, i called her peditirician since she was back and gave them the run down on what had happened, they had the nurse call me back, then they called me back and then the asked us to bring her right in. We where on our way when we got a call from the other dr saying the wanted to see her back in and check it, i told them we were going to the peditirician and they were fine with that. We got in and they weighed her and she was a whopping 12 lbs 9 ounces, glad she hadn't lost anyweught through this. After looking at her rash and checking her ears she still had the double ear infection, her throat was red so they did a strep test and decieded that she was allergic to the amoxicillin, so now we are on a new antibiotics for the next 5 days but this is once a day, let's hope that other then going through the temple with Kayla and Cameron and Kayla's wedding are the only exciting things that happen this weekend

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

YAY for Labor day

Sorry no pictures, the camera died and need to get new batteries to get them again..... I will be posting them later.

So we have been Potty training Ava Again, she was using the potty all on her own almost all the time about a month after Madison was born, then she just stopped. We were frusterated but you can't push Ava or she goes the other way. We got this thing called a WEE MINDER it has a watch with a timer and a book and movie. We read the book with her let her wear the timer and watched the movie. IT was nice because she would go use the potty when the timer went off until she learned how to make it sing, then it wasn't helping. The only thing she really liked was the song, which goes something like hop hop hop to the potty spot gonna hop hop hop to the potty spot, put a big smile on your face and hop hop hop to the potty spot. She would carry the book around and look at it, but one day she decided to use the potty, she stills wears pull-ups to bed and on long car trips but is really good at going both pee and poop in the potty, and love sto tell you she pooped in the potty for everything. YAY for Her using the Potty.
For Madison, She is Crawling the regualr Crawl alot more although she perfers to kinda hop like a frog. She has also learned she can pull herself up to standing. She now does it all the time. THis morning i went in to get her and was standing there in her crib holding on to the railing. I can't believe how big she is. No teeth yet but can she pinch.

So for LAbor day we went with my dad and brother to New Fork. We love it there and I have been going there since i was 6 months old. I love it there. We took our dog and our parents dog, pur dog weighs like 5 pounds but he is really fast, and he loves to chase squirells and anything else little that moves, he spent eh whole weekend chasing squirells We went fishing and caufht 7 fish in 2 days. WE did some shotting and a lot of walking. Ava Loved staying in the Cabin and asked today to go back.
SO the LAke is maybe 36 degrees, Ava wanted to go swimming, uncle cameron was out there in his swim suit and so she wanted to go to so we let her go in her pull up. She was having so much FUN! After a while her pull up was to heavy and full to move so she was out skinny dipping. I could not believe how much fun she was having. We let her play and play and play(with tons of sunscreen) she didn't get burned. After we got some clothes back on her we went out on a canoe and looked at the Osprey nest, we did this when i was a kids, but know there are 2, one of the kids came back and built a nest too. The girls had a little nap in the canoe, but we were sure Ava was gonna Swamp us since she would not hold still. We took a shower in an open shower, it would have been better if it hadn't been for the storm that came over us, but we all had fun seeing the trees and clouds It was so fun to watch the girls fall in love with this place that has always be neart and dear to my heart. Seth really likes it there too so it is a wonderful place for our whole family since we can take the dog too. After a fun weekend we headed back and hung out with my mom amd dad amd brother for a while at their house. The girls got to see their dresses for Cameron's wedding, Which is next week. Then headed home for dinner and bed time after some showeres and bathes. It was a long and fun weekend, to bad it couldn't have been a little longer.

WOW where does the time go?????

WOW I am really behind. Lets see we will start in July and move forward. First we had the Jones reunion which we already talked about, then the last weekend in July was my Mom's side reunion. WE went back to the cabins, the girls love it there. There is a play ground and Ava loved the swings and slides. We stayed in cabins and Ava asks all the time if we can go to the cabin. It was a blast to watch Ava with all the cousins around the same age. Madison had just started solid foods and was so excited to eat them that she would grab the spoon and try to pull them to her. The next week we went to Bear Lake with my sister, and her kids, and my cousin Jeri and her kids, Nicole and her kids, and My aunt Kathy, and Cousins Maegan, Kayla, and Jessica. We were the first ones there and i got my car stuck on the sand, it really sucked, there were 3 guys there and they came to try and help me out, in the end they flagged down a guy with a truck and they pulled my car out. After all that fun i ended up as read as a lobster even with 5 applications of sunscreen to my back. The girls didn't get burned thank goodness, it was a ton of fun but would have been better without the wind.
Then that weekend Nicole blessed her baby it was so fun to see all the family there. That same weekend Our Friend James got married. We wanted to go, unfortunately things didn't work out. Then Robert came for a few days, that was pretty fun too. On the 23rd Seth and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. The wed. Before we left the kids with Gina and had a quiet picinc at home. When we went to pick up the girls Ava was just not ready to leave yet so seth played with the kids, to calm them down he told them a story that goes something like
"once there was an evil oger and he at people, the kind cut off his head and he died friendless and alone, the moral of the story don't eat people" at the end my neice asked if the story was about seth. We all cracked up and couldn't stop laughing.
On the 29th my sister went through the Oquirrh Mt. Temple. We were so excited to go with her. We stayed the nigfht in a hotel and Ava was SO excited about it. After we went to eat at Johny Carino's. THe girls were so funny, Ava loved the roasted Garlic and oil dip, she was loved the rip and dip as we called it. Gina was holding Madison and gave her the lemon out of the glass, Madison was really into it, she would suck on it until it was to sour and would pull a face and then go right back to sucking it. Ava was running around witha lemon so seth held her down and squirted her in the mouth with it. IT was hillarious.