Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facebook | My Photos - New pictures of the girls

Facebook | My Photos - New pictures of the girls

11 Months

11 months ago our sweet crazy little Madison was born. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. Here are a few things we love about Madison...
- she is happy
- she is SO easy to put to bed, just stick her in her crib and she may play a little but is then out like a light fairly soon after
- she has the CUTEST little laugh
- she Loves to play with her sister
- she is a mommy's girl
- She is SUPER busy...she is walking,
- she learned how let the dog out of his kennel
She now has her bottom 2 teeth and her top to are coming in, she is such a joy I can't wait til she can say more then mama dadda, dah and a few others.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Best Friend

This morning Ava did something I never thought I would see her do, We were all sitting on my bed after Seth had left for work and Ava grabbed Madison and gave it her a GIANT hug and told her your my best friend! It was SO cute Madison responded with DAH! For all the stress they can cause I wouldn't give them up for anything, It makes me feel so special to be with these wonderful little spirits and Gifts form above, now if I can remeber that when they are being SUPER naughty...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Battle Wounds

Saturday we went to my cousin's babyshower. We thought it was at my aunt Janet's house, but it was down the street. It wassn't far so we decieded to walk, Gina was in the lead with Courtney, then me and Madison, and my mom and Ava were taking up the rear. I heard a scuffle sound and turned around and they were both on the ground, my mom on the road and Ava on the sidewalk. She screamed and then she made a funny, gag choking sound...I hurried over to help her. I handed Madison to Gina and picked up Ava, We had seen she was bleeding. I thought it was her lip, and so we hurried and walked to the house where the shower was and sat her down on the step and started to clean her up. I realized that the blood was coming from her nose and she had chipped both her front teeth. We got her to tip her head beack enough to stop the bleeding and got her cleaned up. After we got her cleaned up and calmed down we found out my mom was trying to step up on the sidewalk and thinks she had a hold of Ava's hand and so when we fell she pulled Ava with her.
She seemed to be okay and we watched her the whole night and next day. Today she had dance and gymnastics, and as soon as she had finished that we had gotten her an appointment to see the dentist. He checked her over, luckily no broken nose, skull or jaw. Her 2 front teeth are lose, but should firm back up, and may change color like a bruise. The big think is to just watch it doesn't swell with infection. she seems to be okay, and looks worse then the scraps really are.
Sorry i can't turn them

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So Ava has been really funny the last few days and I just had to share some of the funny things she has said and done..
Sunday we where sitting in sacrament meeting and a\Ava was excited to go the sunbeams... She kept asking when it was time to go to sunbeans, i finally told her when she finishes talking, we sing one more song and then after the prayer we can go to sunbeams. A little later she says, "Stop talking I wanna go to sunbeans!" I was trying so hard not to crack up. so to keep her self entertained to walks over to her dad and pretends she is breaking her dad's fingers and thing fixing them. Seth was cracking up and Ava was too, followed by Madison. They were not being very good. That lasted all of 2 minutes. she then went back to telling the speaker stop talking i want to go to sunbeans!. When the speaker sat down we got ready to sing and ava yells "It's time for SUNBEANS!" We told her we had to sing and she told us she didn't wanna another song.
After all this you would think she would want to sit with her class, but nope all she wanted was to on my lap.
So today we were eating pretzel sticks and the girls were eating them with me, and Ava was teaching Madison how to put them on the plate, and then back in the bowl. She has been just funny in trying to show Madison everything she knows. They spend hours running up and down the halls in our house. Well Ava runs around Screeching and Madison walks as fast as she can screeching or crawling as fast as she can Screechign just like sister.
My favorite things are to listen to these two laughing and playing. They love to be together although they still need their own alone and special time.
Ava started a dance and gymnastics class at the local rec center. She has wanted to take the class for just over a year now, she is in there with her cousin Courtney and was so excited. We got her a new Leotard, tights, dance shoes and skirt. She has been putting it on everyday and "shaking it" She has been asking to go dance and "ginnastics". We thought she would be excited and jump right in, but she decieded to be shy, and wanted to be held, by the teachers....she started warming up and did pretty good, hopefully next week will be better.
Madison is becoming a walking Champ! She is so funny, she likes to play peek a boo, and will insitate the games....she loves to play and is starting get pretty quick walking, she is a speed demon when she crawls. She had tube put in her ears about a week ago and is doing GREAT, she seems to gabber more and walks better.
More adventures to come