Monday, June 4, 2012

16 Months

  Kinley is 16 months old today and life is so crazy and busy!  She is super funny and a pill too.  She has her days when she only like one person and other days she likes a lot of people, she almost always loves and wants grandma but she has her days where she doesn't too.  SHe has taken to making some of the funniest faces I have seen from a little kid.  She is going to Primary Childrens on the 12th and then back on the 18th so we can hopefully get her tonsils and ears taken care of.  She had her developmental screening today and past with flying colors on all but one area which she almost failed.  That was her speech and language, which I was not surprised by.  She doesn't really talk and has had atleast 2 ear infections the latest a MRSA in the last 4 months and that is with the tubes in.  They are almost 100% sure it has to do with the ears and tonsils, but if she is not doing better with her communication by fall we should have her reevaluated.  She is a handful and SUPER fun.  Here are some fun facts about Kinley
  Ava calles her KinKin
  She has only 4 teeth
  She weighs about 19 lbs. 
  She knows several signs and we use them to know what she wants
  She likes to sit on the potty
  She LOVES to climb
  She s DEEPLY attatched to her blankie, which she stole from me
  She LOVES to cuddle.
  She has an ATTITUDE!
  She is Funny and loves to make you laugh
  Aunt Gina likes to laugh at Kinley's top teeth because she says they are HUGE, they are bigger then her bottom.
   She loves to brush her hair and put on and take off hair things, and like to take yours and put them on you too
 We LOVE having her in our family, and can't wait to see how she is once she is actually healthy and all healed up

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