Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Okay so it isn't summer yet, but we are getting excited.  A couple weeks ago we went to Florida with my whole family and went to Disney World and Sea World,  It was A LOT of fun and REALLY busy!  We went to a park everyday and went went went but made some AMAZING memories.  The one negative was that Kinley got an ear infect and we are still treating it 2 weeks later,  Turns out is was an MSA or MRSA infection.  She has tubes but the one in her right ear has migrated to the top of her ear and apparently allows fluid to build up behind it.   This along with the 15 strep tests (I wish i was exaggerating on that) and the sleep apnea pauses our little 15 month old with be having her tonsils out and the tube replaced.  She already had her adenoids  removed and 10 1/2 months.
  Ava has one more preschool classes and an end of the year picnic and she is done with preschool.  It is hard to believe that she will be in kindergarten this fall.  Madison is now old enough to go to preschool and we are hoping she will be in the same preschool ava will be leaving.  She is one crazy monkey girl who loves to climb and jump and bounce and play pretend, and can be super shy still.  Ava LOVES to dance and hopes we let her do dance classes and swim lessons, it turns out they are both little fishes and skipped up to levels above kids their age.      
  These days there are lots of fun and busy things going on at our house.  We planted our garden on our NEW GARDEN AREA IN OUR NEW HOUSE!  We will also be adding 4 (if they are all girls) chickens to the garden area. The girls have wanted chicks for a long time and now we can really keep them so we said why not!  Everyone but Kinley got to name them and their names are Cracker sometimes Popcorn (Madison named) Dancer (Ava named) Feather Head (seth's) and Sprocket (mine),  it will be nice to have the eggs and not have to buy them, the girls LOVE eggs.
         We are going to go camping and hopefully some more fun stuff, we are going to be getting the girls ready for school in the fall and hopefully i can get some good crafts stuff done.  i am WAY behind but here is a little update atleast

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