Saturday, March 24, 2012


3 years ago our family changed forever. We welcomed miss Madison into our family. She has always done things HER way even before she was born. She refused to let us know what she was so we were excited to find out when she was born that she was a girl! We have had lots of "adventures" with her, she has had liquid stitches which she ripped out, actual stitches on the same wound and 17 months on her head, she walked at 8 1/2 months crawled at 5 and never stopped moving! She is crazy fun, and adventurous, as long as she is around people she is comfortable with.
She can be SO shy, but don't let that fool you, once she has gotten comfortable she is going NONSTOP! She has the funniest little things she says and does, she LOVES to dance and climb and swing on anything she can. She loves to swim and go to gymnastic classes, and is actually really good, but that is no surprise to us since we watch her swing and flip on everything, and she is tiny making her light and easy to flip and balance. We love her fun little smile and how she says I lub you! WE couldn't imagine our lives or family without our sweet mad-i-bug!
Here are 3 things about Madison you may not know
1 she LOVES Pinkie Pie and all things pink
2 She may be small but that little girl is just like dynamite!
3 She says so many funny things, and has a HUGE imagination!
there are just a few things about our wild crazy funny silly busy loving adventurous Madison Jade!

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